Tony The Turfman

G’day, I’m Tony Mason, owner and operator of Tony the Turfman (and Sarah’s Husband). After working on the Coastal Turf farm in the family business; especially during the years when my three children were very little, and obtaining my Horticulture Certificate level 3 degree, and Diploma in Visual Arts and Design, I started Tony the Turfman. During my time at Coastal Turf’s farm I learned the family secrets for growing and maintaining a high quality product that Coastal Turf sells.

I now perform professional installations for Coastal Turf, as well as complimentary services. Turfman can help you choose the correct type of lawn for your house, as well as measure the area for you. After you have chosen your new lawn type, leave it to the Turfman to install your amazing green and lush lawn with no fuss or bother from yourselves. With over eight years experience in the turf industry, Tony the Turfman is the most knowledgeable and professional turf installer there is! I also offer a temporary irrigation system that can be hired just for the time it takes to establish your new turf.

Tony the Turman also offer such services as:

  • continued maintenance of the newly installed grass
  • weed eradication
  • irrigation systems
  • correct mowing and procedures for optimum grass plant health.

Tony employs three local Tweed men to install and maintain all of Coastal Turf’s new lawns and grassed areas. Through the partnership between Coastal Turf Farmers and Tony the Turfman that has been established, not only are we able to provide our clientele with a premium Turf grass, but also premium after service.

Need Garden Edges? We can do all types; timber, aluminum, steel, plastic or paved.


Walkway Solutions – paved or aggregate paths.

Installing Irrigation systems –  I can install a professional fully automatic hard wired system to suit your garden.

Do you love home grown taste, but hate bending down? Turfman can install a raised Garden Bed so you can still enjoy Gardening with out the back strain.

Hate Mowing? I offer a full and comprehensive maintenance service that includes all aspects of lawn, garden health and paddocks too! With two John Deere 4×4 60′ cut lawn tractors I can cover any acreage job that may to steep or too big for you handle.

Tree trimming, retaining walls, raised garden beds, sand pits, water features, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, driveways and nearly everything else you can think of around the home, I have done before.

Tony installs and maintains lawns on the Blue Side of the Border (i.e.  NSW), but we have two wonderful teams in QLD to prepare, install, and maintain your lawn. Give us a call on 0488 763 600 and we can get them to get in touch with you ASAP.

See my facebook page for more details Turfman