New Years Grass and Lawns

Happy New Year!

I know, I Know. I am a couple of days late, but new years eve always takes it out of you doesn’t it? The late night is enough to drain you for a day after, let alone if you have consumed a little too much liquid as well….Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! That is the golden rule, after New Years Eve parties, as well as after your lawn has been sitting in the hot sun all day. Getting tht wonderful water into your systems will mean healthier happier you and your lawn.

As I watched the sun rise over the farm this morning, while we were irrigating our paddocks (watering in the morning means that your lawn and our paddocks get a freshening cool down before the heat sets in for the day. And a lovely drink), I snapped this picture to remind myself of the Amazing new year ahead of us. The wonderful times are are set to come.

Sunrise at Coastal TurfA New Year, A New Stronger healthier paddock, A New stronger healthier happier GREENER lawn for you. And as research in Qld shows, the more green grassed areas around your home, the cooler the inside. And at the moment I think we would all enjoy a little cooler around us.


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Happy New Year! May your sunrises promise and deliver wonderful green times!


Christmas Lawns installed!

The Christmas Rush is on! The rush to have the kids Christmas shopping completed before they finish school. The rush to get everything finished at work before a well earned break. And the rush to get your home ready to either go away or have everyone party at your place!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It is literally my favourite time of year. I love to get presents ready for my family and friends. I love watching as they peoples faces change to Happy and Joy at this time of year. It is just so exciting and fun!

This time of year too so many people are getting the GIFT (not really a gift I guess since they paid for it and have been waiting for what is sometimes ages…) of their new home being ready to move into. That is something that is REALLY exciting at this time of year. My hat goes off to you all who can do that and still be prepared for Christmas. A lovely family who told us that it felt like they had been building for years, had their lawn installed last weekend and the transformation was amazing. We installed Coastal Mix, not our most expensive grass, but it looked a  million dollars after we had finished. I love making people happy at his time of year too! That is one of the best Christmas gifts you can give and receive I think.


The dirt to Green transformation was fantastic!

Dirt to Green Coastal Mix Lawn!

Dirt to Green Coastal Mix Lawn!

The three phases of install - dirt - turf slabs - LAWN!

The three phases of install – dirt – turf slabs – LAWN!

And already pre-tested for quality and softness by Keith the Turf Dog!

And already pre-tested for quality and softness by Keith the Turf Dog!

So if for Christmas all you want is a GREEN Lawn, then give us a call and we can make your dream come true!

Or give the gift of Green, and transform the lives of someone you love!

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