‘Empire’ Zoysia Grass

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Zoysia is an ideal option for those that do not desire the course textured Buffalo grasses but still require a grass that is capable of growing in shady conditions and can tolerate a moderate amount of wear. E-Z lawns are very low maintenance but have a fantastic colour all year round!

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(Zoysia japonica spp)

  • Originates from Asia, Japan and Korea. (known in Japan as ‘Japanese Grass’)
  • Empire Zoysia has an excellent Dark Emerald Green Colour all year round.
  • The leaf size which is half way between a Couch and a buffalo, which gives Empire Zoysia the soft under foot feel of a couch lawn, but with the hard wearing qualities of a buffalo lawn.
  • Empire Zoysia “sleeps” over winter, requiring little to no maintenance (mowing, watering, fertilising) and grows so slowly over summer that you only need to mow every 15 days.Empire Zoysia requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight a day.
  • Empire Zoysia tells you when it needs watering by curling its leaf.Empire Zoysia is a thick dense lush lawn, meaning that it is less likely to allow weeds invasion.