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Customer Service –

As a family owned and operated business we are all very aware that it is not only our business name on display every time we sell a slab of turf, but also our family name and reputation. This conviction sets us apart from the larger farms as both the quality of the Turf we provide to our customers needs to be of high standards, matched by high levels of customer service.

Choosing a new lawn, it takes a little bit of chatting

Service is an intrinsic part of Coastal Turf. At Coastal Turf we believe that a Positive relationship is formed between our customers and ourselves. Like all relationships, this means taking our time to get to know your needs and expectations. Our relationship starts often with this webpage and is then built through phone conversations, both verbal and text messages. After the phone call or email, we provide quality turf, delivered to you at a time that suits the YOU. We make sure your grass is placed on the ground as close as possible to the desired area for their ease of installation. All these services cement our relationship.

At Coastal Turf Farmers we always ask what type of soil is on the ground and ask if they will be getting new turf undersoil in. With our years of experience we know that we can grow an amazing grass on the farm and deliver it to the customer, but if they put it in on sand and rocks and do not water the grass it will die. It was due to this and other DIY installation mishaps, which lead to Coastal Turf developing our Installation and Care Guide, which we attach to the back of every invoice where a printed-paper copy is given. When a customer request paperless invoicing, we email a copy of our Installation and Care Guide.

Over the years, we have established close and personal relationships with soil providers and landscape yards and nurseries to share this information that we have about best practice preparation for turf installation. This means our customers have lots of information, from several key sources. So, if they choose to install their new lawn themselves, it has the best chance of looking as good as it did in our paddocks. The best preparation leads to the best grass – as we say on the phone, “The more you put in now the less you have to do later!”

As A customer of Coastal Turf, you can be assured you will receive high quality turf as well as friendly helpful staff and support. We know that we can supply the Right grass for your every need.

Coastal Turf takes great pride in growing high quality turf with the BEST service in the industry. How do we know we have the best service in the industry ?

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Delivery Service –

Our delivery service is structured to make it as EASY as possible for our customers.

  • We have 5 vehicles servicing the Byron region and the Gold and Tweed Coasts 6 days a week.
  • We have 2 Volvo taut liners which are 12m long and 4.2 m tall. Please let us know if you require a smaller truck for delivery.
  • Our turf is delivered on pallets, unloaded by a Skid Steer loader (3m long and 2m wide) and placed around the jobsite as requested.
  • We require a minimum of 4 days notice for turf deliveries and about a weeks notice for turf installation.
  • We need 48 hours notice for all cancellations.
  • We structure our delivery times to suit you! (Our farm is located on the coast, this reduces our travel time, therefore enabling us to structure our delivery time that suits you)
  • One phone call to arrange EASY delivery.

Coastal Turf Farmers has made a conscious decision not to move to the Semi- trailer style of trucks but to stick with our Volvo body trucks. Our smaller trucks with our logo on the curtains, means that our brand and name are displayed everywhere we go. We can deliver into the difficult to access areas. We prefer to deliver on steel pallets, because the turf can be forked off with our New Holland Skid Steer loaders, allowing us to take our pallets back to the fame immediately. Our conscious decision to also stay with the Skid Steer loaders over the little forklifts was due to the areas we service. Often the forklifts would not be able to climb the steep yards we deliver to, but the Skid Steer loaders can easily fork off pallets containing as much as 60sqm per pallet. This allows our customers to install their new lawn with as much ease as possible. Part of our dedication to customer service.


Keith the turf dog watches the truck go out on another delivery

Keith the turf dog watches the truck go out on another delivery

Turf Installation Service –

We DO NOT Lay Turf, WE INSTALL NEW LAWNS! There is a big difference between the two.

We offer a professional Turf installation service that creates a high quality lawn each and every time. Throughout our 20 years experiences in this industry, we have continually improved on our methods and have a Professional team of Installers who know the grass. At Coastal Turf we believe that when you hire our Installation Team to Install your new Lawn you are staring at brown dirt in the morning and Gazing cheerfully out on lush Green in the afternoon…

Before,during and After

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