1. How is turf sold ?

Turf is sold on a per sqm basis. This is much easier for both customer and the Coastal Turf professionals to work out the required amount of turf.

2. How is your turf delivered ?

Coastal Turf cuts all of its turf onto pallets. These pallets of turf are then loaded into an all weather tautliner truck and taken to your house. It is then mechanically unloaded with one of our forklifts. We will place the pallet as close as possible to make it easier for you (included in the price of delivery).

Maka and pallets of turf

3. Do we have to purchase a set amount of turf, such as a pallet of turf ?

No you DO NOT have to purchase a set amount of turf or a pallet of turf. All of our Turf is cut fresh and specific to order, ie if you want 26sqm of turf we will cut 26sqm of turf for you. If you want 400sqm of turf we will cut 400sqm of turf for you. We cater specifically for your exact requirements.

4. What if we are a little bit unsure of how much turf we need ?

No worries at all, you can refer to our on line turf calculator or our MEASURING section for further tips and ideas OR alternatively give us a call and we can arrange a FREE MEASURE AND QUOTE.

5. How far up or down the Coast does Coastal Turf Deliver ?

Coastal Turf delivers turf all over the Byron, Tweed and Gold Coasts, more specifically from Coomera in the North to Yamba in South. Areas outside of that area can be arranged upon request, we have delivered our turf as far Sydneys Northern Beaches. (it’s just that good!)

Puppy on Grass

6. How do I know which type of turf is best for me ?

Great Question ! Having the right tool for the right job will result in the BEST long term result with the minimum amount of effort. Therefore investing time and energy into researching the best type of turf for your situation will pay dividends in the future. The three best options are –

a) Call our Office, as our qualified staff can offer expert advice.

b) Organize a FREE MEASURE AND QUOTE, that way our staff can see you specific area and recommend the best type of turf for your situation (and we bring samples with us!)

c) Refer to our TURF SUMMARY TABLE on this site for more advice.

7. What about site preperation, how do I start ?

Another GREAT question ! The quality of your site preparation will have a direct effect on the quality of your lawn. Coastal Turf can put you in touch with quality trained professionals for all your site preparation needs. If we wouldn’t use them at our home we wouldn’t recommend them to you.

If you are more of the DIY type, we are happy to send along an installation guide and site preparation for you.

Coastal Turf has 15 years experience at installation.

Each job requires individual prep work and we believe that the right man is needed for the right job.

bobcat prepping house

8. How long does it take from ordering our turf to delivery of turf ?

Coastal Turf has 5 delivery vehicles servicing the Tweed and Gold Coasts daily (Mon -Sat).

  • Supply and Deliver of Turf only                         = 4 days notice required
  • Supply, Deliver and Install of Turf                    = from 7 days notice required


*Saturday Deliveries are no worries at all and no extra charge !

9. How thick is the Turf ?

The couch varieties of turf are 25mm thick and our Buffalo / Zoysia varieties are 30mm thick.

10. How can we pay for the Turf ?

Coastal Turf makes it as easy as possible for our customers to pay for their turf. We now offer Eftpos facilities if you have mobile reception at your place, credit card over the phone, or direct deposit.

11. How quickly does the turf need to be laid once it is delivered ?

It is best to ensure all of the turf is installed within 12hrs of delivery. If there is any turf that cannot be laid within that time period it is best to dribble water through the pallet of turf (this assists in cooling the turf down).

12. Do we have to roll our new turf ?

You don’t HAVE to, but it is strongly recommended. Rolling your new turf ensures that the turf comes into full contact with the soil (meaning it is less likely to dry out) and makes sure that the entire area is flat and uniform.

rolling turf

13. Should we put a fertilzer underneath the Turf ?

YES. Use an ORGANIC FERTILIZER (such as Dino Fert, which we can supply with your turf order). A good rule of thumb is to put Organic Fertilizer underneath the turf and Chemical Fertilizer on top of the turf. The reason for this is the amount of nitrogen found in each type of Fertilizer. Organic Fertilizer has approx 4 % compared to Chemical Fertilizer that has approx 20 %.

If you have any more questions please dont hesistate to

contact our Office now !