Hot weather and the best place to escape

This last couple of weeks have been really super hot. And it’s not even summer yet. And I have been watching various  websites and it does seem its gonna get hotter. Have you noticed that some areas just so much hotter than others? 

Like on one of the 30 degree days I was picking the kids up from their school, or as my husband and I call it, the concrete jungle. There is literally concrete from one side to the other. Which you know is great for handball, but not that great for running around on. And it quite literally felt sooo much hotter there than it was at the farm. 

Now when we were at the farm we don’t have a lot of tress to shade us. We have big wide open paddocks. Because these are the best way to grow as much turf as possible as quickly as we can to become your new lawn. And we were out in the sun in the middle of the day. It was hot. But really bearable. 

The kids school has large tall concrete buildings. A huge giant tree. Heaps of concrete. And a small grasses area. And an area with synthetic grass for small kids to sit. When we came to the school at 3.15pm, the school felt really HOT. And I know that part of it was because we were in the middle of town now. And that the buildings block the wind. But a large part of it is how much the concrete radiates the heat!

I now know why my kids never wear a jumper to school. They won’t have to! 

So I was not really surprised when one of my friends sent me this U-Tube movie today.  Have a look at the huge difference that cool natural green grass can make to the surrounding environment. 

Or head over to the link and see the video.  It really makes you think! And I am for sure happy to be at the farm rather than at school. Well for heaps of reasons. 

But think how much cooler your home, your work or your kids school can be with a natural green grass lawn. I know where I would much rather sit this weekend….

#knowyourfarmer #knowyourlawn

I have friends that love a good farmers market. They love strolling through the markets and talking to the people who grow the food they are about to consume. Some of  my other friends love going to farm shed Veggie Shacks to chat with the people, and see the dirt still on some of the veggies. And it really does impress upon me the importance of knowing where the products you buy come from. 

And that is why I  think that it is so important for you guys to be able to come out to our farm and walk across the paddocks to help decide which variety would be best for your yard. 

The hashtag #knowyourfarmer is getting around. So at Coastal Turf we want you to come and get to know us, and then get to know your lawn before it leaves our paddocks. 

And I think that your new lawn, with its ability to produce the air that you will breath,  is just as important as the food you consume. So get to know your farmer. Know the how’s and why’s of your new lawns production and the best way to continue its new life as your lawn. 

At the moment I am on crutches. It seems Mums are not immune to a broken bone or two either. I had one of those moments where I did something that I always tell the kids is too dangerous to do and “…you will hurt yourself if you jump off that…”Well I did. And I have taught them a lesson about listening to what I say. It has also taught me a lesson about listening to what I say. 

So I am not that mobile to show you around the farm at the moment. But John, my father is down at the farm in the mornings and can show you a Blue Couch or too. But if afternoons are more your style, then are display yard at JH Williams at Chinderah (near coffee and cake too) is always available for you to walk across, touch and smell. And I will be ready on the phone to help with any queries. 

Stroll down side the Beautiful Blue

So #knowyourfarmer and know your #lawn and get the best out of your #home. 

Turning Mud into Perfect Palmetto.

Is the wet weather getting you down and dirty? Making your house a big grubby mess? Are your kids making your home like the outdoors are coming inside because they are bringing in lots of mud? Do you have that wet dog mud smell through your home? 

With such wet weather meant to stick around for a while, having a lawn to quickly absorb the beautiful rain and use it for good, to grow a sweet smelling green lawn, makes your life happier and simpler. 

Installing a Coastal Turf Palmetto Lawn at your place means you can take away the mud monsters from your life. Find your family again under all that mud masks. 

A Palmetto Buffalo lawn gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your lawn with be thick and lush all year round. Being shade tolerant down to a minimum of 3 hours of direct sunlight per day, your lawn will thrive in small or large lawns. And you know while all your neighbours are out there mowing every single weekend, you will be sitting back real axing on your lawn. Watch your kids use your lawn for fun and games. 

The Palmetto Buffalo lawn will create the perfect lawn for your family to enjoy bare footed. If your kids are like mine, shoes were thrown under the trampoline and disregarded to die under the swing set. That was until we installed the Palmetto Buffalo lawn around our trampoline, and the kids can walk bare footed to the trampoline. Not more shoes thrown across the lawn. Just happy little feet, as they cruise across the spongey lawn to bounce away and swing to the blue skies with their toes in the air. 

Get in touch with us today to arrange a beautiful Palmetto Lawn to get rid of the mud monsters in your life. 

Dear Busy Parents

Dear Busy Parent who has taken the time to read this. I really appreciate the time you have stolen for yourself to research about your lawn.

It’s those quick 5 to 10 minutes alone that just make your day worth living. As I sit here and type this my 10 year old every 40 seconds says “Mum, listen to this Meme,” “Mum, do we own a skate board?” “Mum, do you know the Code to get into my sisters iPad?” “Mum….” “Mum…” “Mum…” Do you think it would help if I changed my name? They would probably say that in rhythm as well. 

I even thought I would venture away and lock myself in the toilet room to escape for 5 minutes. But no. Not only did he find me and continue to chat to me through the door, then the dog found me as well and whined outside the door. This whole Parenting gig is pretty full on. Although I did learn as interesting fact about, wait no, I didn’t. I had to tune out to stay sane. 

There is never a minute that is not full of SOMETHING. Something good, something crazy, something fun, something to clean up. Something to take a big breathe about. 

So for you to have taken the time to read this, I thank you. And also realise that it must be really important to you to find a wonderful new lawn for your home. A place where your talkers can go outside onto and not bring back in a lot of mess. A new lawn that smells beautiful in the morning dew. A green space that makes you smile every single time you see it. A lawn where you know your family is safe, and you can take a break. 

I know that the precious little time that you do have for yourself is really important. Be those the small nap breaks that little kids take, or those precious hours between school pick ups. Or just times any times that you can steal for yourself, you know like when they don’t know that you are in the toilet and trapped. Blessed be those moments.

As a mum, I want to encourage Parents to have more of those moments. More peaceful moments. More giggle moments of your kids on the lawn. Rolling, kicking a ball or running playing. 

By having a Coastal Turf lawn installed at your home by our qualified and experienced team, you know you are going to have an Instant Lawn. An instant place for your family to enjoy the green grass around your home. Let us take care of all the worries and hard work associated with creating a new lawn play area for your family. Give yourself a break from the crazy and gift yourself some time. 

Time is such a precious gift. And one that you really show give to yourself. Time to smile, time to laugh and time to have fun. And what better place to do that when your kids are outside on the lawn. Playing. And you don’t have to be! 

Mum. Mum. Mum. 

So get in contact with us today to arrange one of the boys to come and give you a quote on a new lawn of sanity. 

What makes a good Coastal Lawn?

What makes a good/perfect coastal lawn? 

Is it the green? Is it the colour? Is the softness? Is it the wearability? Is it the salt tolerance? Is it the shade tolerance? Is it the cooling effects/ the air conditioning effect? Is it the environmental benefits? It is all of these. 

 Or is it the way that it makes us all “feel”. 

That feeling of Home. The feeling of complete comfort and relaxation of coming home. Is it the wave of happiness that floods our system when we turn into our street, cruise down to our driveway, and gaze upon our destination. Our Home.  Framed by our gorgeous green lawn. That feeling of completeness that only coming Home will give you. 

That feeling of joy when you see your kids play on the lawn, laughing and giggling. The feeling of peace when you send the kids outside to play on the grass while you enjoy that 5 minutes of peace. 

So make that feeling last all day by having  a fantastic Coastal Turf Lawn. Make your lawn is the first thing you see as you come home and the last thing you see when you leave. 

Personal family Service

Coastal Turf is a family farm located near the beautiful Cabarita Beach. As a smaller farm, we do not usually create our grass paddocks to go onto to become large Sporting playing fields. But rather family homes. Our family enjoys creating soft, robust, Green grasses for other families to enjoy as their lawn.

Our Farm

As a mother of 3 kids, I know how important having a place of soft green grass to play is. I also know how really important service is. Being a family, you have enough running around and exciting things to do without also trying to get your lawn organised too. At our farm we grow what we considered to be the best grasses for the Coastal regions.

Coastal Turf has partnered with expert installers, who know all the ins and outs of creating a family lawn. This is really important. Because if you get the right preparation done, your lawn will be thicker, softer, greener for longer without much effort from you. Our installers also offer the professional service of coming to your home before the job starts to talk to you one on one to find out exactly what you want to do. This gives you the piece of mind that your yard is Your Yard.

So give us a call today to discuss the best new lawn for your place, or send us a message and I will arrange for one of the boys to come and provide you a with the personal one on one service.

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I need a shade tolerant and drought tolerant lawn.

Then you need a Palmetto Buffalo lawn. The Palmetto buffalo has a world wide reputation as being the most shade tolerant and drought tolerant buffalo lawn available. 

A Palmetto buffalo lawn is perfect for little feet, be they people feet or paws, to run around bare foot on all day every day. And it won’t take up a lot of your time to ensure that it stays green and fluffy. 

Requiring only 2-3 hours of direct sunlight per day as a minimum, a Palmetto Buffalo lawn is perfect for shadier cooler lawns. Lawns are often shaded by large trees, either in your one yard, or neighbours, which cool your home during the heat of summer. Or neighbours homes loom over your yard creating shade. This can often lead to problems in creating a Green lush lawn.

But with a Palmetto Buffalo you, even shady areas can be a wonderful  green playground. 

The most Shade tolerant Buffalo

And with little rain on the horizon, the Palmetto Buffalo lawn won’t cost you the earth in water bills. Being the most drought tolerant buffalo available in Australia, a Palmetto Buffalo lawn will stay green for longer with as little fuss from you as possible. 

Don’t like to mow in the heat of a summer day? No problems with a Palmetto buffalo lawn. A Palmetto buffalo lawn requires a third of the mowing of any other buffalo lawn. 

Dark areas? No Problems!

So your Palmetto Buffalo lawn is really your friend in the green. It wil l stay green, fluffy and healthy with as little fuss and care from you as possible. 

And if you get the Turfman to install you won’t have to get your hands dirty at all. 

Dear New Lawn Looker

Dear New Lawn Owner,

Coastal Turf wants to help you turn your house into a HOME!

Why use Turf? 

Turfing is often referred to as the “Frame around the Picture”. The instant transformation from brown dusty dirt to lush green grass around your house is extraordinary. At Coastal Turf we have 8 varieties of turf grasses available for you to Green your home. We offer personal advice on how to best DIY your new lawn for your home. Or we can arrange a professional service for a full installation at your home.

What is the value in Turf?

Turf is the single biggest bang for your buck when you build your new home. And independent study has discovered that turf can increase the value of your home upwards of $40,000.

But which Turf is right for me?

Some people prefer the texture os Sir Walter Buffalo, others love the low maintenance of the Empire Zoysia, and some love the softness of the Blue Couch under their bare feet.

Shade, traffic, texture, soil type, sunlight and maintenance are all the issues that should be considered before you purchase your new lawn. CoastaL Turf’s qualified staff, with over 100 years combined experience, can help you make an informed decision for your new lawn. Once we understand what you want from your lawn we can recommend the right turf for your situation.

What about the drought and possible water restrictions?

As farmers, we understand the drought and lack of rain water available. But this shouldn’t stop you from completing your home. At Coastal Turf we have specific measures to combat these situations. We can recommend soil preparation, and other water saving solutions for your lawn. Like a top dress of your new lawn to reduce the amount of water required for healthy growth.

How do you get started?

Simply fill in the contact form and one of our people will get in touch with you to arrange a free measure and quote at your home. Go see our display yard to Chinderah and walk on the different types of grasses, to call us at the farm and come and have a walk over the different varieties.

The Australian traditions of backyard football and cricket should not be lost. Get a Coastal Turf Lawn to cope with all situations. 

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All the comforts of Home in my Coastal Turf Lawn

I have recently had to spend several days inside. Trapped in bed, forced to watch TV, play my phone, and have people bring me drinks, coming to me at the sounds of a bell. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? Sounds like I was on an amazing holiday and had hot and cold running service coming to pamper me. Well….that’s not really how it went. Really I was quite unwell and had to have a few days in a sterile room, with people making me feel better. Forcing me to drink fluids which will eventually make me feel better. The Nurses were amazing. The Doctor fantastic. And I truely thank them for all their efforts. 

Sitting in the cold sterile room with the artificial white light blaring down on me really made me miss outside. Miss the feeling of the cool wind whispering to me and chilling my fingers. Miss the warmth of the Real rays of the Sun fall on my body and warm me against the whispering wind. 

I am sure you all know about the perfectly clean ivory plastic covered freezing floors of all hospitals. The immaculate beaming white floors of a hospital are great when you have to clean up “mess”, but not so great when you have really cold feet with nothing covering them and you have to make a quick run to the toilet. Now I say quick, but I think we all know what I am really saying is the slow waddle of a sick person. And being a slow waddle means that my feet just get colder and colder. Even the nice toasty blankets of the warming blanket oven didn’t seem to want to invite the blood to return to by toes. 

What I really really missed was my blue couch lawn. Tragic; yes I know. But one of the few luxuries  I love to do of an afternoon is to yank off my dirt and other brown stuff laden boots, ripped of my usually colourful or decorated socks, and take my bare feet for a stroll over the Blue couch lawn, preferably to relax, but realistically to hang out washing. The softness and the cushioning of a year round lush Blue Couch lawn is so comforting to your soul.

I am not sure if I am a believer of Grounding (where you help centre your mind, body and spirit by making physical contact with the ground. Preferably with your feet, rather than your face. Try not to fall), but I am a believer and a choir singer about how wonderful it feels to walk and sit down on my lawn at the end of the day. I could preacher and convert, even preach to the converted (known as my family) about all the wonders and happiness I feel when I come home, turn off the phone, and run my little tootsies through the blades of Blue. I wouldn’t be a preacher though cause  I might waffle on to long. Happier to stand on the side and sing loudly about the Glories of Grass. I think people tend to remember the singing more than the waffle anyway at Church. Especially if the Choir is less than amazing. You always remember the screechers don’t you. 

Run your tootsies through the lawn

Having a Blue Couch lawn is a wonderful luxury that I did not realise was a luxury until I don’t have it with me now. Being a couch it is considered to be cheap and nasty, but I can tell you that just because you don not have to go an get a huge bank loan to own it does not mean it is nasty. I mean we all love a little shopping spree at Kmart. And having a Blue Couch lawn is a luxury because it mostly looks after itself. It is drought tolerant (so not much watering) it loves the sand, and enjoys a little salt spray. Blue Couch loves to bask in the hot sun of summers and stay a lustrous blue green colour. The colour is stunning. Almost a blanket of blue which flows across your lawn. Looking beautiful and inviting. And it rewards you every time you come to walk across it with all the warmth and comfort that a good lawn should. (For more info click here ) The tenderness of a beautiful blue couch lawn is calling to me. 

This afternoon I will be going home, leaving behind my holiday of white and sterility and returning to my real world of greens and more importantly Blues! Of real smiles and people telling me to get my own drinks. And of afternoons spent with my tootsies soaking up the happiness of the ground  and more importantly my lush winter Blue Couch lawn listening to my kids giggle and laugh as I watch them jump on the trampoline. Just a hint of advice though when you take off your shoes to walk through your super soft beautiful Coastal Turf Blue Couch lawn, Only do it in the afternoon. In the mornings in winter the ground is covered in dew, and this can make your naked feet as cold as if they were walking on a beaming white linoleum hospital floor, and will absolutely make you need to use the bathroom. 

Get in touch with the lovely Ladies in the office to get your Coastal Turf Tootsie comforting lawn today . 

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Creating Happy Healthy Family Homes

There has been a lot of talk lately about creating a better breathable world for us all to live in. We all want to make sure that the air we breath is fresh, clean and healthy. We are now all so much more aware of the harms that plastic can do not only to our environment but our personal bodies as well. And what is the most basic of things we could all do to ensure the quality of our breathable air is of high standards?

Have a lawn!

Happy Healthy family lawns

According to a recent study performed in the US by TPI, an area as small as 48 square meters of green lawn can provide a family of four with enough clean breathable oxygen for a year! And at the same time this 48sqm of Lawn can also provide the piece of mind and happiness of having a green area for your family to look at and play on. TPI has also researched that seeing healthy green colours mentally makes us all feel happier. And I know that hearing my kids laughing and playing on the lawn always makes me happy.

Air Quality!

My friend has one of those cone shaped air purifiers in her home. It puts a “Forest Friends” smell into the air. I guess it kinda smells like pine. I was thankful that it didn’t smell too much like the Forest Friends as I had thoughts of woodland animals and their musky smell.  But all the Air Purifier really does is put more smells into the air. Where as your lawn will actually absorb all the air around it, absorb all the pollutants and then release beautiful clean fresh air for you and your family to breathe.

So really your lawn is the best air purifier you could ever own. Its easier to use, cheaper to look after and you never have to clean the filters. And it is much more aesthetically pleasing to look at than a cone in your lounge room. Maybe we need to start having a little patch of green lawn in our lounge rooms? Having a real  air purifier in our house rather than a plastic pretend one. Aren’t we all trying to get rid of the plastic?

Instead of importing plastic into our home, lets just use our lawns to make us healthier and happier. Save ourselves money, and save the planet at the same time.  Get a Coastal Turf lawn to create a happy healthy family home. Contact us now!

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