Special Blue Couch to get rid of the Winter Blues

I am sick of Winter. I am sick of the cold. I am sick of being all wrapped up in several layers of clothes. And leaving home in the dark and getting home in the dark. I think I have the Winter Blues!

Bring on Spring. Bring on the warmer nights and the beautiful days. I can’t wait for longer days filled with sunshine and my ability to wear shorts again. If I take off my jeans now and dare to wear shorts I tend to blind people with the brilliant glowing white that is the colour of my legs.

I don’t know about you but I always find winter so tiring. It may be because of all the winter sports my kids do and all the training we have to go to that feel like they go late into the night because it gets dark so early. I mean really we are all home by 6pm most nights. But it is dark and cold, so it feels like 8pm. Well to me anyway. The kids still seem to have heaps of energy.

I am really really ready for Spring. Ready for sports to finish. Ready for training to finish and ready for the days to go a little longer. And so ready for the sun to come out and make my legs a little less glowing white.

So I have decided to do something about the Winter Blues. And turn them into Growing Green Spring, to put he Spring back in my step. I am going to get outside and walk on my lawn. And my favourite place to walk around bare footed is on my Blue Couch area of my lawn. The lovely soft comforting leaves of the blue couch lawn always make me feel more grounded. More calm. Less frantic. And take me to a happy place.

It may be because the Blue couch takes a third of the watering and fertilising of any other turf grasses. It may be because it stays green and softer longer in Summer and Winter, perfect for my times without shoes outside.

Or it may simply be because my Blue Couch is under my clothes line, and it is a place that my family fear to tread. So, it is my alone space. I don’t know about you, but my kids see the washing line as a place of work. Oh no! How dare I ask them to hang out their own clothes! Oh no! How dare I ask them help bring in their clothes. If you haven’t guessed, I live with teenagers. So my clothes line, surrounded by my brilliant blue Couch is one of my happy places. My alone place away from bickering hungry teenagers.

Blue Couch lawns. The Best way to lift your spirits

So, if like me, you have a bit of the Winter Blues lets do something about it. Let’s get some Brilliant happy green lush Blue Couch lawn at your home to lift your spirits. Make you smile when you step outside onto your soft lush lawn. And if like me, you have teenagers, let’s give you an outdoor area where you can have some time to relax. Or hide. Or worst case senecio, actually hang out the washing. You don’t have to have the Blue Couch exclusively around your clothes line, I would recommend you have it all throughout your yard.

The beautiful soft comforting lawn will make you want to discard your shoes, and walk with bare feet across your lawn. Maybe to hang out the washing. Maybe to sit down and have a relaxing glass of wine on the lawn. Maybe to play a game on the lawn. What ever way you want to use your Blue Couch lawn, it will become your happy place.

And because I want everyone to have a happy place to get rid of the Winter Blues and get the Growing Green in Spring feelings we are having a Special Blue Couch offer for $5.95 a sqm for the Blue Couch in our larger paddocks.

Get in contact with us today to ask more about the Blue Couch and how we can make Growing Green with the Blue happen at your place.

Winter lawn installations

Wow. How cold was it now! I really think that Winter was waiting behind the door and has now decided to jump out and say “HI! “

I know in the mornings now I well and truely need a jacket. and even my preteen son, who never feels the cold, has started to wear a jumper. usually he travels around in his boards and a shirt. Today it is tricky pants and a jumper. That is a really sign that winter is here. And it is cold!

And how does your turf cope with the cold? Well really well actually. Many people ask me if it is still a good time go year to install a new lawn.

Winter is a great time to install your new lawn. In Winter, the grass plant slows its growth down. So it requires less watering and less fertilising to stay green and healthy.

In Winter when we harvest the turf it is “sleepy”. What does this mean?

Well, in Summer, the grass plant is actively growing. It is consistently looking to grow new roots and new leaves all at once. And when we harvest in the Summer, the plant starts to stress. Because it really really wants to put down new roots. It wants to grow new leaves. And like us when we stress, it heats up. This is why in Summer we say you HAVE to install your new lawn within 6 hours of delivery. Otherwise the turf can stress, heat up, and burn. Sometimes even die.

Nt to mention in Summer when you install your new lawn, you are out in the heat. The burning Sun. You need hats, sunscreen, and lots of water. Not just for your lawn. But for you!

But in Winter, the plant is more chilled out. Literally as well as figuratively. So cooler temperatures means that the plant is not actively seeking to grow new leaves. It is still sending out its roots to grow, but it is a lot calmer about the situation. The Turf is just chilling. When we harvest the turf in winter, and it does not stress. It calming takes the whole thing in its stride. Meaning, after a more relaxing winter installation, your turf becomes your new lawn.

Your new lawn, being a cool chilled out relaxed winter installed lawn, is not searching fanatically for water. Unlike a Summer installed lawn, you don’t have to water it three times a day. Just a cool refreshing drink once a day to encourage the new root growth.

With a Winter installed lawn, you personally don’t have all the heat stress attacking your body while you rush to get down your new lawn. In Summer you literally have to get the grass down as possible. In Winter, you can ensure that your preparation is perfect. That you have all the fertiliser spread in an even manner. You can stop to have a drink. Smile at your friends and family who are helping you to install your new lawn. Then leisurely pick up each slab and place it on the ground calming. Creating a beautiful new lawn. Super chilled out.

The best part of a winter lawn, is that when Summer does come, with its Hot winds, and scorching sun, your will be kicking back on your fully established thick lush lawn, just Chilling. Congratulating yourself on having the foresight to install our new lawn in Winter. The roots are established deep down. Watering once, maybe twice a week. While your neighbour who is sweating away, red faced and sunburnt, try to installs quickly as possible their new lawn.

All the while your home is cooler and fresher and cleaner because you have a beautiful Green Coastal Turf Winter installed lawn around your home.

The perfect meaning of Chilled.

The perfect place to Chill out over Summer. On your Winter installed Coastal Turf Lawn.

World Chocolate Day

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe I missed World Chocolate Day. I almost feel like I have let down every Woman I know.

I even have chocolate in the fridge! Be it hidden very carefully in the fridge so my family thinks it is a vegetable. It is school holidays. You cannot be too careful. I could have had a day of eating delicious chocolate!

Yesterday was July 7th, World Chocolate Day. Today the 8th of July is World Maths 2.0 Day. Somehow it does not really hold the same excitement or ring to it as the World Chocolate Day. Just none of the self indulgent appeal as World Chocolate Day.

World Maths 2.0 Day is all about the combination of Technology and Maths to create a better world. And the wonderful things that these bring. Like our Mobile Phones, our awesome Coffee Machines and our amazing Turf Harvestor.

Without the brilliance of maths and technology I would still be standing in the rain or the hot baking sun on the back of a tractor hand stacking turf for your new lawns. Instead our amazing harvester does it for us and presents it beautifully to you to become our new lawn. Take a look.

So I guess I will be thankful for Maths 2.0 day. It does aide in the harvesting and helps you create a beautiful new lawn at home. Especially my favourite, a Blue Couch lawn. Which is the variety John was harvesting in this video.

And really Maths 2.0 probably had something to do with how my chocolate does get to my house.

Now where is that Cadbury block I hid from the kids…..

A blue Couch Lawn on a Budget?

Do you need a Blue Couch lawn, but you a a budget you have to stick to? Yes I said NEED.

I think a soft comfortable, low watering, dark green, inviting lawn is a need. A need because you need someone to relax. A need because you NEED a place to be happy. A NEED because you have to breathe and a lawn is the best place to convert CO2 to beautiful O2.

So at Coastal Turf we have a paddock that is nearly ready, but not quite A grade quality. So we thought rather than letting it get fat at our farm, why not send it to mature as someones lawn. And we are happy to provide you with all the advice to make your lawn the best in the street.

This is a super special price of $6 per sqm. And will only be here while the stocks last. Call us now to ask about the Special Blue . 0266763695

Colds, Coughs and Why Mums know best.

Did anyone else’s Mum make them sit outside in the sun on the grass when they were sick as a kid and read a book?

When we were sick and the was sun in the sky, she would bundle us outside on a blanket and some pillows to lie in the sun to read a book. She said the sunshine, fresh air and the natural world would make us feel better.

And it did. Having a runny nose and being able to blow it outside and then have that wonderful hit of fresh clean air in your lungs made it, somehow, easier to breathe. And if you did sneeze on the lawn it landed on the grass. It wasn’t the end of the world.

And quite possibly, just a day relaxing reading your book, sipping on lots of fluids all day, was a healer in itself. But I truely believe that being outside made a difference as well.

As I got older and sillier (I know you are meant to get wiser, but you know when you first move out and you know EVERYTHING! Teenagers and early 20s people are not meant to be SMART people), and possibly a little lazier cause I didn’t have my mum to look after me when I was sick, I used to lie in bed when Colds and flus invaded my body. And all I can remember about those days was the bed would smell yuck. The sheets, the pillows and the quilt all had that sick smell about them. And I think that prolonged my illnesses. And gave myself more housework to do as well.

As I got a little older, I finally got wiser. And definitely less lazier. It may have come from the fact that I now had children of my own. And all of a sudden all these crazy things your mum used to do for you, made sense. And I do them for my kids now. And thankfully myself as well.

This weekend I have caught a cold. I am coughing and sniffing. My hankies, that I never usually carry, are pilled up high in my pockets. I smell of Vicks and my travel coffee cup which is usually filled with rich dark coffee happy smells, is filled to the top with warm with tea. And I am sucking on those cough lollies like there is no tomorrow. My voice, the boys on the farm say, sounds like someone who has smoked for 40 years. ( Just pointing our I have never smoked at all. )

But by going outside, and in the sun, sitting on the grass, sipping my tea, working on my iPad, and even driving my tractor around I am feeling a lot better than I know I would if I lay down in bed and sweated all the yuck into my sheets.

The fresh air is divine. The smell of the freshly cut grass is intoxicatingly wonderful as it over powers the Vicks. The warmth of the sun is making me warm inside and out.

I have a chicken soup on at home in the slow cooker which is going to be amazing! I mean my taste bugs are a little bland at the moment so I might add some extra chilli as well, but I am really looking forward to dinner time. Chicken soup is always a winner when you have a cold. This is my fav winter cold soup recipe.

In the mean time I will use the sun to make me feel warmer. And sitting doing my work today and using my version of a Table made of a Pallet for my work is a brighter and fresher way to spend my day. I think I am feeling better already. And I will use the grass as my chair and feel its comforting leaves help me on my way to recovery.

My Mum really did know best. When the winter coughs and colds come around, take a blanket, or a chair and perch yourself up on your lawn, preferably a Coastal Turf lawn because it will be so soft and comforting (and that is what you need when you are sick. Lots of Comfort) , and breathe the fresh air, open up your lungs again and let your smile return to your face!

Mens Mental Health and his lawn.

Well its the middle of June, and this marks the end of Mens mental health week. It is so important to get our men in our lives out there and talking.

And you know what? Your lawn is a great conversation starter for Men. A great lawn, that is thick and green us a great conversation starter. Neighbours will often stick their head over the fence and ask a quick “how’d you do it” question. and this can lead to so much more Men talk.

Even the most mundane talking about silly things like “how’s your lawn going mate” can lead to Real conversations about how a Mans days went. And all this talking realises little endorphins in Mens heads to make them Feel. And feel good.

And this talking for Mental Health does not have to just be over the fence. It could be with passers by. Or even on Social Media. The Australian Lawn Fanatics on Facebook is a great place for people to come together. And chat. Increasing good Mental Health.

And just being outside in the fresh air, breathing in all the great Oxygen that your lawn creates, is great for Mental Health. Man, Woman or Child.

And what is better for our retired Men than a good lawn bowls. There is always conversations over the grass those days.

Mental health is like all health. It has its Healthy strong times and its weak sick times. It’s important to everyone, that we try to keep ourselves Healthy. And if something as simple as your lawn can help you increase your Healthy strong Mental health, then let’s all get into it. You don’t need an expensive lawn. You don’t even need to start our strong. Just let your Mental health grow Healthy while making your lawn Healthy and strong too.

I am surrounded by men here at Coastal Turf. And in my family. And I know how hard it is for Men to have a chat with their girls about “stuff” but how easy it is for them to have a chat about Lawn care and Lawn Health. And how that just sometimes, that nothing chat change lift them up a little when thing have been a bit down.

So this weekend I am concentrating on Mens mental health. And making him smile more often like this.

Lawns and happiness

Is your lawn the first and the last thing you see as you leave and come home?

And does this lawn make you smile and feel so happy to be home? Or does it make you cringe and feel sad and disappointed?

I now how important home time relaxing time is. When you get home and finally walk thorough your door, you want the pressures of the day to wash away. But if you come home to a patchy, brown, sad looking lawn, sometimes it can bring you down even further.

Our Mental health is something that is so terribly important to us all. But it is something we all often forget about. And put our mental states last, not the importance list.

Research has shown that by having access to green spaces, and I mean actual GREEN spaces, your mental health is vastly improved. People are shown to recover faster from life changing events when they have access to GREEN areas.

And your lawn, at home, the first and the last thing you see as you come and leave home each day, is probably the most important green space you can ever have.

At Coastal Turf we have turf varieties to become your new lawn that take more of the stresses out of your life.

Drought tolerant grasses so you don’t have to stress about watering your lawn.

Shade tolerant grasses so your home can stay private with the shade of trees, but still have a lush lawn.

And low maintenance lawns so you don’t have to stress about mowing.

It’s all about you having a smile on your face, a happy skip tp your step and that content “all is good with the world” feeling in your heart.

Get in contact with us and we can help you get that smile back on your face and that light feeling in your heart.

Queens Birthday weekend

Well like all Australian traditions, in Nsw this weekend is Queens Birthday Public Holiday on Monday. we are taking the weekend to ensure that the grass grows green and the peoples face are smiling

We are closed Saturday 8th , Sunday 9th, and Monday 10th June.

We hope you enjoy your little holiday as well.

Australian Backyard Lawns

Backyards are more than just that bit at the rear of your home. Backyards, and especially back lawns, are the All Australian sanctuary. The place we entertain. The place we relax. The place we send our kids when we need a bit of space. The all important outdoor room. And of course a perfect area for your much loved pets. 

As your sanctuary, your backyard offers you peace of mind. Leave the inside world. The inside which holds all the computers, phones, and work commitments of your world. Whereas your back yard has no power points no access to the work world. Just time away from all of that. 

The Australian backyard is where we all do most of our entertaining. The all Australian BBQ fired up on the back verandah, while everyone stands around on your lawn, having a chat about thier weeks,  glass in hand, finally relaxing. The green comfort carpet of your lawn is so party friendly it will even clean up for you any spills your party goers may throw at it. 

Your back lawn is the perfect place to take a few moments. The perfect place to slowly unwind in the warm sun. The perfect place to set ups chair and a beverage and take big deep satisfying breathes. And have that well deserved drink. That is until your back lawn turns from being a quiet humble place to one of many adventures.

How many times have you heard a Mum yell use your inside voice. Well no need in your backyard. That is the place for outside voices. For wild thrilling squeals of delight . Your back lawn is the perfect place to send your wild ones onto to run, bounce, yell, and play. To use their imaginations. And their bodies to play with all shaped balls.

Every home should have a back yard lawn with room for kids to move around  the wheelie bin to use as stumps for a very traditional game of Backyard Cricket!  Then when the sun is lower in the sky, and the air is cooler, it’s time to bring out the oval ball and play no shoes football. And if the play tends to turn a bit rough, a soft comforting Coastal Turf lawn will provide the perfect place for your little one to take a fall. 

Every back yard lawn screams out for a fur baby to call their own. Back yards and Dogs go hand in hand, skipping through the grass. A back lawn, covered in a robust, but comforting lawn, is there perfect place for active and not so active dogs to call their own room of your home. The back lawn is the place of frolicking, ball catching, fence running and general shenanigans, as well as providing an eco friendly toilet.

And when the kids, dogs, family and friends all  get together to really test your lawn out, there is no better lawn than a Coastal Turf lawn to make sure your backyard sanctuary shines bright, green, thick and lush. Your backyard is one of the best places in your home. That extra room in your home to escape the work pressures of life and remember how to enjoy your family and friends again. Thats the power of a Coastal Turf backyard lawn. 

Ask the Experts – Which grass is best for Football?

At Coastal Turf we believe that the pathway to true knowledge is to learn from people around you.

So we asked our local football team which grass was best to play football on at home or on the Big Field.