Glow on your Green Lawn, don’t bake on your brown dust bowl

What does a brown lawn mean? Is it merely a sign of the dry drought times? Or does it really mean that these people have not prepared properly? That they have made bad decisions, not  been responsible. 

Brown means they have not read the instructions or listened to the experts. Brown absolutely means that they have NOT chosen a drought tolerant lawn variety of grass to be your lawn.

People with Green lush lawns,  you should stand proud and tall. Because you listened; You took in the advice and then you prepared properly so your lawn would stay nice and green. 

You are the people who choose to install a thick layer of organic rich with nutrients soil, that supports microorganisms as well as “good” insect life and worms. You made sure it was at least 50mm thick all over your yard. Or maybe you were super forward thinking and went 100mm thick. You should stand tall. Be proud that you had the forethought and intelligence. 

You are also the people that have put down a bucket or two of the Lawn Pride Turf Starter onto the soil before you placed your turf there. The Turf Starer as a beautiful organic based fertiliser and water crystals, you knew would retain the water near the root system of your new turf. This means you have the long term effect of using  less water to establish your new lawn. And, keep it looking good into the future. 

You should be very proud that you choose a drought tolerant lawn variety. Maybe you choose a Blue Couch, which is the most drought tolerant grass available, because  you have a full sun lawn area. Or a Palmetto Buffalo lawn, because you have a shaded lawn. Because you, being a clever person, did the research  and know that these two varieties take a third of the water than any other similar turf varieties. So you know you won’t be out watering your lawn like a crazy person. 

After you have installed your new lawn, just like the Coastal Turf Installation guide said, you read the Coastal Turf watering guide and stuck to it. You have never over watered. Because you know that over watering is wasteful and can cause horrible diseases in your lawn like Fungus infections, that can kill your lawn quicker than you can identify what it is.

You know that a 5 minute to an absolute maximum of 10 minutes at a time of irrigation is all your lawn needs to thrive. Having read your Coastal Turf Installation and After Care guide you know that you only have to religiously water your new lawn for the first 14 days. After this time, irrigation it is all about when your lawn requires it. You know about the foot print test. And that the best times of day to irrigate your lawn are dawn and dusk. As this stops evaporation.  

Because being prepared makes a beautiful lawn.

Then in the 6th week that your lawn has been down, you know never to scalp or cut the grass down really low. You know the more leaf your lawn has, the more water it can hold, and the more dew it can attract. So you only mow the top third of the leaf off your lawn, and keep it looking green and lush. And you love that this has the added bonus of being a little softer to walk upon. 

Because you know about the Foot Print test, you know when your lawn is looking a little thirsty. And the best way to ensure that moisture stays near the plants roots system for absorption is with a Hydramaxx 2L Hose on Soil Moisture Retention Agent when you hand water your lawn. 

You should be completely glowing in your new lawn right now. Because you made the right choice in preparation; the right choice in variety of lawn, and the right choices in maintaining your new lawn. 

So never be proud of a brown lawn. Glow in your Glorious Green Lawn because you did the research and the intelligent hard work to ensure your lawn will stay green. 

We are so proud of you. We know you are proud of yourself. The type of  proud where you sit back and smile at your completed work. And if your neighbours of jealous, show them your plan and lets help educate everyone on the benefits and pride of a Green lawn.  

Say No to Black Friday and YES! To Green Friday!

I don’t know about you , but I am receiving a lot of Black Friday emails. 

I don’t like to think of any Fridays being black. I think if them as being happy green days. The time of the week that people become a lot happier and friendlier to chat with. 

The day of the week where people are that little bit more relaxed. 

I love Fridays. And we want you to love them too. 

So instead of a Black Friday. I say we all make it a Green Friday. Lets make the day happy, cheerful and full of the best colour there is. Green! 

Friday afternoons are a great time together with family and friends. And Family and Friends are always wonderful people install a new lawn with. And by getting your turf delivered on the Friday afternoon, and knocking it over in the cool of the night you ensure several things. 

  1. The turf is super fresh. It has only been out of the paddock for a short period of time. So it hasn’t had time to stress, worry and heat up. It’s still cool and calm. 
  2. The air is cooler. And its is a lot nicer to install your new lawn in the cool of the evening rather than the heat of the day. The less everyone sweets the happier everyone is. And the better everyone smells.
  3. Your Friends and Family will already be in the mood for a catch up. And what better time to have a BBQ and a Beer than after you have installed your new lawn together. It’s also a lot easier to get people over to your place when they are already out and about, rather them expecting then to wake up early and come to yours on a Saturday morning. 
  4. You get your Saturday to sit back and relax! Your Saturdays can be filled sitting with your feet up and the occasional sprinkler move.

Together I say we move away from the horrible thoughts of Black Friday (to me it just brings back Bush fire memories) and move onto the Healthier Happier Green Friday! 

Order your Friday delivery Now!

I want to share my favourite place with you.

This is my favourite space. 

This is my favourite place

Not only on the farm. But in general I think. 

It’s the place I come to relax. The place I come to think. And the place I come to write. This is where I am today. 

It’s a place of peaceful noises. It does have quite horrid smells. But they are smells of the farm. So they give me comfort. Only a Turf farmer could say that freshly mown grass, chicken manure and soil smells give them comfort.

This place is away from all the hustle and bustle of the machinery shed. And its far enough away that I can walk here from the office, but they cannot see me. Its my quiet happy place.

It s the place where my kids tell me secrets. Where they share their worries. And we sort them out together.

There is always shade in some area here, and always sun. So in the winter it is warm, and the summer it is cool. And this is perfect for the Wintergreen Couch to thrive in.

As you can se it is thick fluffy and inviting. It just calls to you to sink down into it. The grass is saying take your shoes off. Walk on my. Feel the earth ground you.

This feel in god bliss and happiness is something that I want everyone to have. I know that in everyone homes, there is that space. The place you go to think, unwind, chill.

And if you don’t, then I want to share some of mine with you. I think you would love to have a Wintergreen Couch lawn area where you can sit and relax and breathe. Let the day wash away from you, while you walk, stand or sit, grounding yourself with your beautiful wintergreen couch lawn underneath you.

Everyone needs a little tranquility in their lives. So let us help you get a beautiful Wintergreen Couch tranquility area at your home.

And make you own favourite place. Click here to find out more bout the winders of wintergreen.

Long Weekend Jobs

Relaxing this weekend?

Or getting into all those jobs around the house that you have been meaning to do for weeks, months or years?

Will you be sorting out that Containers draw in your kitchen and looking for all the lids that match the bottoms? Will you be cleaning out that bathroom cupboard that hasn’t been touched for years? Will you be going through your wardrobe to try and get rid of those clothes that you are holding onto incase one day you fit into it again?

Or will you be outside playing in the sun, getting your yard ready for turf? Spreading some soil, getting your hands dirty and then being able to relax with that nice cool beverage in your hand at the neon of the day , knowing you have worked hard and done a good thing.

I know which one I would rather be doing! And it’s not the inside cleaning activities. I know its a really good thing that everyone does the whole inside big spring clean. Get rid of what’s not needed or doesn’t fit anymore and get ready for warmer seasons. But so often you do all this cleaning and put everything away neatly in the cupboard, and it looks exactly the same as when you started! OR worse because there are boxes everywhere. Which means more cleaning and eventually when you have more time and you remember a trip to the Opp Shop. Where you inevitably end up buying more of other peoples junk to out int o your cupboard or draws.

Isn’t it a much better idea to go outside and prepare your yard for a brand new lawn.? Isn’t it better to be able to really see all the hard work you have put in? And know that you are preparing for bigger and better things to come. Like your new green fresh lovely lawn?

The place where you can sit in the sun. Relax on the lawn. Play all the important backyard sports like Cricket and football?

And best of all, the place you can spend all you time in the warmer months, in the cool comforting natural environment of your lawn; instead of the harsh mean guilt tripping house that gives you that feeling of “you should clean me. wash me! Scrub me!”

All your new Coastal Turf lawn will say to you is “Come outside and play! Yes do come and enjoy yourself on the lawn! Roll around on the grass, play with the kids. Kick that ball on me! Why not invite friends over for a BBQ on me tonight?”

Now tell me what you are doing this weekend?

Coastal Turf’s new online ordering

Coastal Turf is really excited to announce the launch of our online ordering system.

This is for all of us who run out of time in our days. For those days that you look up at the clock and cannot believe it is already 4.30pm. And you don’t know if where the day has gone. So this online ordering system is perfect for you.

This is for all those busy couples who one half calls and talks to us in the office to discuss which is the best variety of turf for their lawn, but haven’t had a chance to talk to their partner about it before our office closes at 4pm. The online ordering system means you can place your order quickly and easily.

This is for all those busy stay at home parents, who every time you get on the phone your toddler screams and desperately needs your attention. This is a quiet easy way to order in the 2 mins you have free while hiding in the toilet. (or was that just how Sarah hid from her kids?)

This is for all those people who suddenly realise that they need Turf for Saturday and have forgotten to order it. We have all been there.

This is for everyone!

Our online ordering system allow you to put your measurements in on our measurement tool and then order the square meterage of your desired turf. Don’t forget to order your under turf fertiliser.

You choose your delivery date.

And then await your confirmation email and installation guide; ready for when your turf arrives!

We ask for 3 days notice please so we can ensure that you receive the best quality turf for your new lawn.

Instant turf with instant ordering.

Its so Hot and dry, is it a good time to install a new lawn?

It’s getting hotter, and in doing so it is getting dyer. And this is a real concern to people putting down a new lawn. Many people are putting off installing a new lawn “until it rains”. 

There is a lot of misconceptions about the amount of water that you need to have a beautiful lush green lawn. Many people think that your water bill will be quadrupled and that it is a waste of water. Well if you drown your lawn it  most definitely is. It will also do real damage to your lawn, possibly killing it. Using a smart guide to watering your new lawn will ensure that no water is “wasted” and that your lawn is only getting the amount of water that it requires. 

Preparation is the key to any good result. And in the case of your new lawn, preparation comes in the form of  having a healthy soil base. This will ensure that you have a healthy green lawn. Your soil will be the deciding factor in if your water is just leached away, drowns your lawn, or if the water stay near the root systems. 

A good soil, means a Great lawn and less watering bills.

Your Under Turf Soil should be fluffy and airy. It should have 5 main components according to REDMAN, RODGERS, RUCK and TRANTER (2011). This is no matter where you live! It should have 

  1. Organic Matter. – This means that it needs decomposing plants and animals within the soil to provide nutrients and organic elements to the soil which is essential to plant health. Remember the old Blood and Bone that our Grandparents used to love to spread? The decomposing material will also enable the soil to hold its structure. This is really important to allow the movement of water and air though the soil to get to the root system. 
  2. Minerals – These are usually provided by natural soft “rocks” which break down into the soil. They provide natural elements that the roots system can take up to keep your lawn healthy. They also hold the soils shape. 
  3. Air – This sounds strange, doesn’t it? Because Air is not something that we associate with under ground. But the movement of oxygen underground is essential to not only the roots of the plant (they take up oxygen via their root systems as well) but also to the Living organisms within our soils. The pockets of air around the soil particles allows the water to move through the soil to the root system and then move away as well so no root rot occurs. 
  4. Water – The water dissolves all the minerals and decomposed organic matter and makes it available to the root systems to absorb. Water does also , obviously, hydrate the plant. 
  5. Living Organisms – Now this is not meant to be Lawn grubs. They are bad and nasty. Living organisms means your worms, and microscopic life forms like beneficial nematodes and good plant enriching funguses which help the lawns root systems. The worms poo and leave great food for the roots to absorb. The nematodes keep away the scarab beetles that eat the root systems, and the good funguses create pathways and healthy soils for the roots to live in. Some of your living organisms can be imported, like from a worm farm through castings, which can be added anytime during the life of your lawn.  And others can be mixed through the soil before you lay your turf, like a mushroom compost which has so many wonderful ingredients. 

In preparing your soil, remember that talking to your local landscape yard is vital. Your local soil person will know if your suburb has a sand or clay as the base. And then they can recommend to you which mix is best for your new lawn. At Coastal Turf after many years of experience with lawns on the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast, and Byron Coasts, we know that the best possible soil you can get for your lawn is usually the Garden soil mix from your landscape yard. Most of the soils on our coasts are mostly sandy. Some places have heavy clay soils. And the lucky places have rich soils. 

A Garden soil mix has all the wonderful ingredients to maintain your new lawns health. But if you are on a budget, tell your Soil person what you believe you have there now, and they might create a mix of Sandy Loam, Clay and Compost. Some Yards have a turf underlay. 

Just ensure you are not importing sand into your already sandy soils. This will mean that the water will drain way too quickly. And long waterings will mean you loose your water, and the roots will absorb little to none. An if you are on hard clay, long waterings will mean that water pools and “drowns” the root system, leaving it open to infections that can kill your lawn faster than dehydration! 

To ensure that your soil is perfect for your new lawn, remember 4 things

  1. It should be dark in colour. Almost like the colour of Dark Lindt Chocolate ball. You may need to buy some to compare. And congratulate yourself on having good soil. 
  2. It should have a smell to it. Not delicious like the Dark Chocolate Lindt Ball, but a bit of an icky one.  So not one that you want to rub all over your body. But a smell that the dog will want to roll in. 
  3. And it should stand up to the fist ball tests. This sounds yuck right? But it is really easy and simple, and not yuck at all. All it requires is that  pick up a small amount of soil and squeeze it in your fist really hard. Then slowly open your hand. If the ball of soil stays together then you have a healthy soil that will make your lawn really happy, that will require less watering. If it crumbles and falls apart, you need to do some soil improvements. See…….
  4. Have at least 50mm of soil under your new turf. Preferably 150mm. By having a deep healthy soil under your new turf you are ensuring that there is food and water to nourish your lawn for years to come. 

By having this healthy soil, choosing a drought tolerant grass, (see our turf table here) and following our watering guide you ensure you are never wasting water. And you will have a green lush lawn. A Win-Win  really. 

Special Blue Couch to get rid of the Winter Blues

I am sick of Winter. I am sick of the cold. I am sick of being all wrapped up in several layers of clothes. And leaving home in the dark and getting home in the dark. I think I have the Winter Blues!

Bring on Spring. Bring on the warmer nights and the beautiful days. I can’t wait for longer days filled with sunshine and my ability to wear shorts again. If I take off my jeans now and dare to wear shorts I tend to blind people with the brilliant glowing white that is the colour of my legs.

I don’t know about you but I always find winter so tiring. It may be because of all the winter sports my kids do and all the training we have to go to that feel like they go late into the night because it gets dark so early. I mean really we are all home by 6pm most nights. But it is dark and cold, so it feels like 8pm. Well to me anyway. The kids still seem to have heaps of energy.

I am really really ready for Spring. Ready for sports to finish. Ready for training to finish and ready for the days to go a little longer. And so ready for the sun to come out and make my legs a little less glowing white.

So I have decided to do something about the Winter Blues. And turn them into Growing Green Spring, to put he Spring back in my step. I am going to get outside and walk on my lawn. And my favourite place to walk around bare footed is on my Blue Couch area of my lawn. The lovely soft comforting leaves of the blue couch lawn always make me feel more grounded. More calm. Less frantic. And take me to a happy place.

It may be because the Blue couch takes a third of the watering and fertilising of any other turf grasses. It may be because it stays green and softer longer in Summer and Winter, perfect for my times without shoes outside.

Or it may simply be because my Blue Couch is under my clothes line, and it is a place that my family fear to tread. So, it is my alone space. I don’t know about you, but my kids see the washing line as a place of work. Oh no! How dare I ask them to hang out their own clothes! Oh no! How dare I ask them help bring in their clothes. If you haven’t guessed, I live with teenagers. So my clothes line, surrounded by my brilliant blue Couch is one of my happy places. My alone place away from bickering hungry teenagers.

Blue Couch lawns. The Best way to lift your spirits

So, if like me, you have a bit of the Winter Blues lets do something about it. Let’s get some Brilliant happy green lush Blue Couch lawn at your home to lift your spirits. Make you smile when you step outside onto your soft lush lawn. And if like me, you have teenagers, let’s give you an outdoor area where you can have some time to relax. Or hide. Or worst case senecio, actually hang out the washing. You don’t have to have the Blue Couch exclusively around your clothes line, I would recommend you have it all throughout your yard.

The beautiful soft comforting lawn will make you want to discard your shoes, and walk with bare feet across your lawn. Maybe to hang out the washing. Maybe to sit down and have a relaxing glass of wine on the lawn. Maybe to play a game on the lawn. What ever way you want to use your Blue Couch lawn, it will become your happy place.

And because I want everyone to have a happy place to get rid of the Winter Blues and get the Growing Green in Spring feelings we are having a Special Blue Couch offer for $5.95 a sqm for the Blue Couch in our larger paddocks.

Get in contact with us today to ask more about the Blue Couch and how we can make Growing Green with the Blue happen at your place.

Winter lawn installations

Wow. How cold was it now! I really think that Winter was waiting behind the door and has now decided to jump out and say “HI! “

I know in the mornings now I well and truely need a jacket. and even my preteen son, who never feels the cold, has started to wear a jumper. usually he travels around in his boards and a shirt. Today it is tricky pants and a jumper. That is a really sign that winter is here. And it is cold!

And how does your turf cope with the cold? Well really well actually. Many people ask me if it is still a good time go year to install a new lawn.

Winter is a great time to install your new lawn. In Winter, the grass plant slows its growth down. So it requires less watering and less fertilising to stay green and healthy.

In Winter when we harvest the turf it is “sleepy”. What does this mean?

Well, in Summer, the grass plant is actively growing. It is consistently looking to grow new roots and new leaves all at once. And when we harvest in the Summer, the plant starts to stress. Because it really really wants to put down new roots. It wants to grow new leaves. And like us when we stress, it heats up. This is why in Summer we say you HAVE to install your new lawn within 6 hours of delivery. Otherwise the turf can stress, heat up, and burn. Sometimes even die.

Nt to mention in Summer when you install your new lawn, you are out in the heat. The burning Sun. You need hats, sunscreen, and lots of water. Not just for your lawn. But for you!

But in Winter, the plant is more chilled out. Literally as well as figuratively. So cooler temperatures means that the plant is not actively seeking to grow new leaves. It is still sending out its roots to grow, but it is a lot calmer about the situation. The Turf is just chilling. When we harvest the turf in winter, and it does not stress. It calming takes the whole thing in its stride. Meaning, after a more relaxing winter installation, your turf becomes your new lawn.

Your new lawn, being a cool chilled out relaxed winter installed lawn, is not searching fanatically for water. Unlike a Summer installed lawn, you don’t have to water it three times a day. Just a cool refreshing drink once a day to encourage the new root growth.

With a Winter installed lawn, you personally don’t have all the heat stress attacking your body while you rush to get down your new lawn. In Summer you literally have to get the grass down as possible. In Winter, you can ensure that your preparation is perfect. That you have all the fertiliser spread in an even manner. You can stop to have a drink. Smile at your friends and family who are helping you to install your new lawn. Then leisurely pick up each slab and place it on the ground calming. Creating a beautiful new lawn. Super chilled out.

The best part of a winter lawn, is that when Summer does come, with its Hot winds, and scorching sun, your will be kicking back on your fully established thick lush lawn, just Chilling. Congratulating yourself on having the foresight to install our new lawn in Winter. The roots are established deep down. Watering once, maybe twice a week. While your neighbour who is sweating away, red faced and sunburnt, try to installs quickly as possible their new lawn.

All the while your home is cooler and fresher and cleaner because you have a beautiful Green Coastal Turf Winter installed lawn around your home.

The perfect meaning of Chilled.

The perfect place to Chill out over Summer. On your Winter installed Coastal Turf Lawn.

World Chocolate Day

Oh my goodness. I cannot believe I missed World Chocolate Day. I almost feel like I have let down every Woman I know.

I even have chocolate in the fridge! Be it hidden very carefully in the fridge so my family thinks it is a vegetable. It is school holidays. You cannot be too careful. I could have had a day of eating delicious chocolate!

Yesterday was July 7th, World Chocolate Day. Today the 8th of July is World Maths 2.0 Day. Somehow it does not really hold the same excitement or ring to it as the World Chocolate Day. Just none of the self indulgent appeal as World Chocolate Day.

World Maths 2.0 Day is all about the combination of Technology and Maths to create a better world. And the wonderful things that these bring. Like our Mobile Phones, our awesome Coffee Machines and our amazing Turf Harvestor.

Without the brilliance of maths and technology I would still be standing in the rain or the hot baking sun on the back of a tractor hand stacking turf for your new lawns. Instead our amazing harvester does it for us and presents it beautifully to you to become our new lawn. Take a look.

So I guess I will be thankful for Maths 2.0 day. It does aide in the harvesting and helps you create a beautiful new lawn at home. Especially my favourite, a Blue Couch lawn. Which is the variety John was harvesting in this video.

And really Maths 2.0 probably had something to do with how my chocolate does get to my house.

Now where is that Cadbury block I hid from the kids…..

A blue Couch Lawn on a Budget?

Do you need a Blue Couch lawn, but you a a budget you have to stick to? Yes I said NEED.

I think a soft comfortable, low watering, dark green, inviting lawn is a need. A need because you need someone to relax. A need because you NEED a place to be happy. A NEED because you have to breathe and a lawn is the best place to convert CO2 to beautiful O2.

So at Coastal Turf we have a paddock that is nearly ready, but not quite A grade quality. So we thought rather than letting it get fat at our farm, why not send it to mature as someones lawn. And we are happy to provide you with all the advice to make your lawn the best in the street.

This is a super special price of $6 per sqm. And will only be here while the stocks last. Call us now to ask about the Special Blue . 0266763695