Queens Birthday weekend

Well like all Australian traditions, in Nsw this weekend is Queens Birthday Public Holiday on Monday. we are taking the weekend to ensure that the grass grows green and the peoples face are smiling

We are closed Saturday 8th , Sunday 9th, and Monday 10th June.

We hope you enjoy your little holiday as well.

Australian Backyard Lawns

Backyards are more than just that bit at the rear of your home. Backyards, and especially back lawns, are the All Australian sanctuary. The place we entertain. The place we relax. The place we send our kids when we need a bit of space. The all important outdoor room. And of course a perfect area for your much loved pets. 

As your sanctuary, your backyard offers you peace of mind. Leave the inside world. The inside which holds all the computers, phones, and work commitments of your world. Whereas your back yard has no power points no access to the work world. Just time away from all of that. 

The Australian backyard is where we all do most of our entertaining. The all Australian BBQ fired up on the back verandah, while everyone stands around on your lawn, having a chat about thier weeks,  glass in hand, finally relaxing. The green comfort carpet of your lawn is so party friendly it will even clean up for you any spills your party goers may throw at it. 

Your back lawn is the perfect place to take a few moments. The perfect place to slowly unwind in the warm sun. The perfect place to set ups chair and a beverage and take big deep satisfying breathes. And have that well deserved drink. That is until your back lawn turns from being a quiet humble place to one of many adventures.

How many times have you heard a Mum yell use your inside voice. Well no need in your backyard. That is the place for outside voices. For wild thrilling squeals of delight . Your back lawn is the perfect place to send your wild ones onto to run, bounce, yell, and play. To use their imaginations. And their bodies to play with all shaped balls.

Every home should have a back yard lawn with room for kids to move around  the wheelie bin to use as stumps for a very traditional game of Backyard Cricket!  Then when the sun is lower in the sky, and the air is cooler, it’s time to bring out the oval ball and play no shoes football. And if the play tends to turn a bit rough, a soft comforting Coastal Turf lawn will provide the perfect place for your little one to take a fall. 

Every back yard lawn screams out for a fur baby to call their own. Back yards and Dogs go hand in hand, skipping through the grass. A back lawn, covered in a robust, but comforting lawn, is there perfect place for active and not so active dogs to call their own room of your home. The back lawn is the place of frolicking, ball catching, fence running and general shenanigans, as well as providing an eco friendly toilet.

And when the kids, dogs, family and friends all  get together to really test your lawn out, there is no better lawn than a Coastal Turf lawn to make sure your backyard sanctuary shines bright, green, thick and lush. Your backyard is one of the best places in your home. That extra room in your home to escape the work pressures of life and remember how to enjoy your family and friends again. Thats the power of a Coastal Turf backyard lawn. 

Ask the Experts – Which grass is best for Football?

At Coastal Turf we believe that the pathway to true knowledge is to learn from people around you.

So we asked our local football team which grass was best to play football on at home or on the Big Field.

Give your Dog the lawn they deserve

I was flicking through Instagram with my daughter who is 13, looking at memes.We cam across meme “I just want to make enough money to get my dog the yard he deserves.”

It was so cute. And made us both think about how much we love our two fur babies. Two crazy Kelpies who believe that they are really little lap dogs, who just happen to be able to run like the wind.

They are beautiful girls. And we love them. And really they are probably the most spoilt girls, with 23 acres of green grass to run around on.

They are our “Testers”. They ensure that the grasses are good for all dogs. Our Testers ensure that it good to rub your tummy on. They make sure it recovers after they have run all over it.

And most importantly to all dog lovers, that the grasses do NOT cause any irritation to their skin.

Ethel the Turfdog also makes sure that our installers are doing a Top Dog Job!

Our dogs our part of our family. They are not our “pets”. That is a silly word. They are just the four legged members of our family. And sometimes, well usually, they are my favourites.

They are not as needy. Hardy ever answer back. And always, always they are super excited to see me when I get home.

If you are like me and love your Dogs, and they are part of your family, and you want the best for them, Give us a call. We can help you get the lawn your dog deserves.

We can help match the best turf grass to become your new lawn, the carpet for where your Four legged family member can frolic, and play. Or create the discrete area where your Four legged baby can use the toilet facilities. We match a lawn with your family.

Coastal Turf also ensures that we keep our lawns budget friendly. So you can provide your Dog with the lawn they deserve.

Make your dogs smile like Kai!

Kai is very happy with his new lawn!

Mothers Day Lawns

Want to get your Mum something that says you love her and the Environment this Mothers Day?

Then look no further than out your door.

With one simple phone call to Coastal Turf, we can arrange to have a beautiful new lawn installed for your Mum.

A green lawn is the purest of joys for any families lives. It is the place where your Mum probably taught you how to catch a ball, how to run races around the house and the place where you could all fall down together and laugh and giggle. Not to mention all those amazing backyard picnic adventures on your lawn.

Or possibly the place that your Mum sent you outside too when your Inside voice was becoming a little too much like it belonged outside on the lawn. Or when she believed that balls, nerf guns and lightsabers really needed the wide open spaces of the lawn.

A new natural Turf lawn will allow your Mum to take in big long deep satisfying breathes, as her new lawn purify the air.

Her new lawn will lower her heating and cooling costs, as studies have shown that natural turf grass taken right up the home, reduces heating and cooling bills by up to a third! See what the Benefits of planting a lawn are according to Conserve H2O

And with the new varieties available at Coastal Turf, you can choose a low maintenance, but always green and fluffy Empire Zoysia for her new lawn. A win win. She gets a beautiful new lawn and you don’t have to go and mow it. Expect of course if she is making those amazing cakes….

You can always give your mum little extra gift this Mothers Day and have the Turfman team install her new lawn. Then you don’t even have to get dirty.

So give your Mum a gift from Mother nature. A New Lawn.

And possibly a bottle of wine. She would like that. To sit with you on her new lawn with a glass of wine, and talking. What more perfect a mothers day is there?

Small orders? No problems. Coastal Turf can help

Last week I’ve was out delivering. We have one of our guys away. He is traveling and sending me lovely pictures of the amazing food he is eating. I don’t know if that is a lovely thing or not to do. 

 Anyway, while Mick has been  dining on pastas and risottos,  I’ve been out from the office delivering to some wonderful customers. In my little Ute,  I’ve been driving around dropping off little 20 to 30 square meter orders. On Thursday I dropped off some stunning Sir Walter to a beautiful couple in Murwillumbah. 

 As I drove up the driveway I noticed how steep it was going to be to unload and I was really glad that I didn’t send one of the boys with the bobcat.  This was a hand delivery situation.  

I knocked on the door and a lovely elderly gentleman answered, and with a beautiful smile he showed me his garden, all the amazing paving he has completed since he retired, and some stunning plants. We then moved over to where he wanted to turf. What an amazing preparation job he had completed. 

The gentleman asked how I was going to get the turf off the back of the ute. I said I will hand unload your new lawn and bring it up the back of your yard to where you want to install the turf. His face looked pleased but surprised. “I have ordered turf from another company previously, and they just left the turf on the front verge, “ He told me. 

Now, my parents raised me to be mindful of others, this gentleman was of an age that he should not have to lug 30sqm of Sir Walter up a 30 degree driveway out the back of his home, and then install the turf as well. But I didn’t say so. I simply smiled and said it would be my pleasure.

His lovely wife, of a similar vintage, came out to pay me as I was taking the ropes off the turf and getting ready to unload. She asked if she should send out her husband to help. As I turned to say I was fine, he was walking down the driveway to assist me. I smiled, and thanked them for their offer, but I like to hand unload the turf. 

I find that by going out on the farm, and hand delivering turf to people, it keeps me fit. My muscles stay strong, and I get to be outside. I have seen many a friend go to the gym, and pay thousands of dollars to strangers to make  them carry heavy loads of tyres, or weights up a hill. In the name of fitness. 

I enjoy cake. I love a good mud cake, and black forest is amazing. Oh and the soft crumble of a butter cream cake is divine. And who can say no to a luscious custard tart. Now I really want boring tea….

But I also really enjoy fitting into my shorts. So it is a fine line I walk. 

This is why I enjoy getting out of the office and hand unloading turf. I get to chat happily to people who are doing something wonderful at their home. And keep myself healthy. 

So I explained this to the wonderful couple. They both smiled and laughed a little. “Also if I fall over at the gym, people will laugh at me. But if I trip and fall while delivering turf, people will offer me help. It’s a much nicer way. “ And I got on with taking slab by slab up the driveway out the back of the couples home. Ready for installation. 

To move 30sqm of Sir Walter up a driveway, and out the back of a home by skid steer usually takes about 10mins. By hand to took me about 25 minutes. So I thought I was doing really well. I was of course a bit red in the face. But feeling very good about myself. 

For larger orders, Coastal Turf comes with our skid steer loaders to take your turf as close as possible to where you wan tot install your new lawn.

When I had finished, the gentleman asked me to look at his existing lawn and give some advice on how to improve the areas. We had a chat, and I suggested some different mowing techniques and fertiliser.

I washed my hands under their garden tap, and thanked them for their order and said not to hesitate to contact us with any queries. 

Then the most wonderful thing happened. The lovely Lady came out with a little plate. She said “If you like cake, you will love this. Thank you for your consideration .” I nearly melted. How absolutely wonderful that this lovely couple thought so much of my service that they brought me a home made cake. I thanked them again and went back to the office to have a slice of cake and a well deserved cup of tea. 

 And everyone knows that little old lady cakes are the best type of cakes you can be served. And one served with kindness and gratitude tastes even better. 

It truely was the best cake I have ever had. I savoured every bite.

So for the best service on the coast, give Coastal Turf an email or a call .And if you are lucky, I will come along and hand deliver your lawn, and share some cake. 

How to create the best lawn in the street at your home

Do you need a step by step guide as to how to create the best lawn in the street? Well at Coastal Turf we have all the answers for you. We have the easy version – a quick 3 point guide to creating the best lawn areas for your home, or the more complicated version that goes into all the fine details. 

The Easy quick clean version is 3 simple easy steps. 

  1. Pick up the phone and call Coastal Turf and arrange for the Turfman to come out to provide you with a easy quote 
  2. Meet Tony at your home and describe what you want your new lawn should look like, shake his hand and arrange the time he will start. 
  3. Wake up on the morning with dirt and brown and muck in your yard. But relax, that night, you will running your toes through luscious lawn. 


Three easy steps to creating a beautiful lawn at your home.

But if you are more of the weekend warrior style kinda person, then Coastal Turf has you covered as well. If you haven’t installed a new lawn before, and you don’t know where to start, our team of Lawnatics can talk you through the steps that our experts would go through to create beautiful lawns.

 Like getting the soil right for optimal root growth and health. 

Like sloping the soil away from our home to stop water running into your lounge room. 

Or the correct pattern to install the turf in to stop slippage and make sure that all the slabs sit together properly. 

The steps for the DIY guide for new homes being with  

  1. Call Coastal Turf 
    1. Confirm with the Lawnatics at Coastal Turf which turf variety would be best to become your new lawn
    2. Tell the Lawnatics your email address for the team to send you the DIY guide
  2. Set aside a day to prepare your yard for its brand new lawn. 
    1. Call your Really Really good friends, preferably one with SOME turf installation knowledge and lock them in for the big preparation date 
    2. Ensure you have enough food and drinks for a BBQ for when they help. 
    3. Remember it is really important to hydrate the workers 
  3. Depending upon where you are located, ask for advice from the Lawnatics at Coastal Turf for the best suited soil. 
    1. Have the soil delivered. 
    2. Spread the soil, either by hand or get in a bobcat. 
    3. Remember it is really important to hydrate the workers, but not too much 
    4. Ensure that the soil is sloped slightly away from your home

And the list goes on. Can’t give away all our secrets here. 😉 

Send us a quick email to request your turf installation guide today. Or simply call to start the process on your new lawn.

Easter Lawns

This Easter we thought the best way to decide which lawns were best for backyard fun, was to ask the experts.

And who are better experts on backyard fun, like Easter Egg Hunts, than kids. I know our friends and families kids where very keen to help us out.

Our First group of Easter Egg Hunter experts decided that a thin leafed lawn was the best for Egg hunting, and the occasional fall while rushing to secure your chocolate goodness. See their movie here.

We then invited a larger group of boys and girls to come onto the farm and let us know which thin leafed lawn was their choice for their home.

Check out our second team of experts here. A huge thank you to these experts who made my weekend full of smiles, and the occasional melted Chocolate.

I was hoping that they wouldn’t find them all, but alas, there were no left overs on the farm.

If you have your own little team of experts at your home, who know what will make their back yard a place they all want to go out onto everyday, then bring them out to the farm to help you choose your best new lawn.

Get in Contact with us to arrange your visit. Unfortunately our experts ate all the Chocolate though.

Have a great Easter break everyone. From all the Team at Coastal Turf!

Palmetto Buffalo Lawn

One of the joys that we have as a farm and a small family business, is when our customers send us pictures of the turf they have installed.

The little blades of grass start off as little “babies” in our paddocks and then slowly grow into thick lush harvestable turf.

Then from being a strong healthy turf slab, sitting on a pallet, the last I see of our prodigies, is usually on the back of a truck, heading out to become someones lawn.

Our drivers, lucky men, get to see the exciting beautiful places that our little paddock babies get to become beautiful lawns.

But on special occasions, from special wonderful people, we receive beautiful pictures off the amazing work people do. And one of my favourites is B3nnett Property Group.

Marty is a great guy to chat with, and one of the few people I know who can work side by side with his wife. So much respect to them both!

And this is the beautiful installation of our Beautiful baby Palmetto at Currumbin, to become someones brand new beautiful lawn. I can’t wait to see it grow and mature into a beautiful lawn.

If you want to see more gorgeous lawn pics, head over to Instagram and follow us!

So when we send out our baby turf slabs to grow and mature into your beautiful new lawn, please do not be shy in sending us baby pictures. We love baby pictures!

Or post them to our Facebook page and we will bring you a Fertiliser pack as a thank you!

Start Green and Stay Green

The best way to ensure that your Lawn stays green is to give it the best start in life.

By purchasing a Coastal Turf Lawn you are already off to a Green Start. Your Coastal Turf lawn will come fertilised, green and fluffy. It will have had all the love and care that a man can give a paddock to create a beautiful lawn.

When you install your new lawn, we recommend that you spread a lovely layer of fertiliser under your turf. This way when the little baby fine rots come out of the slab, looking to establish them selves into your new lawn, they hot a big delicious feed!

Coastal Turf’s Lawnpride Underturf starter will give your lawn the best possible start. It has all the nutrients to aide in quick establishment, as well as the added bonus of water crystals in the perfect quantities, to ensure that your lawn is green and beautiful. Ask us about this product when you order your new CoastaL Turf Lawn.

Then is you want to ensure the continued long term health of your lawn, Coastal Turf has specially formulated products for our Coastal regions to promote the growth and colour of your lawn. As well as protect it from Lawn Grubs and evil invading weeds!

Start Green, Stay Green!

Our team of actual real Horticulturists, and Lawnotics (people who love their lawns) will help you to choose the correct product for your lawn. And bring it straight to your door on the Gold Coast, Tweed Shire and Byron regions. And in March you get the added bonus of a Coastal Turf team member having a quick chat about your lawn onsite as well.

So get in contact with us today to organise your delivery.

Is a delivery on its way to you?