Harvesting Grass for your place

There’s nothing more invigorating to make you feel more ALIVE than to cut turf on a windy hot day. The air sweeps up all the dirt around you and it makes conversations impossible (unless you want a mouth full of dirt). But at the end you definitely have a feeling of accomplishment. And the laughs between all of us on the farm is awesome. I was listening to the radio the other day and it seems that there is a new commission being starting federally to make sure that men and women are being treated the same in the work place. I think that the Coastal Turf Turf Farm is definitely treating all of us the same. Man. Women. Child. Dog. We all work really hard to get the best grass at the best price to your door. Whether it is Macca or Dad who are Old Farts (their words not mine) or Me (not an old fart. A youngish woman. Ok middle age I guess) or Barbara in the office (she would rather I didn’t say) we all work really hard to get the job done right. The First time and the most enjoyable way possible. I really enjoy working with them all because we can have fun even when we are working. And I think this has rubbed off on my kids work ethic, Hollie joined in too the other day. Well with the dirty face part. I’m not sure who is dirtier…..

Sarah and Hollie

Sarah and Hollie

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