What makes the perfect lawn?

You, is the simple answer. And what you think is the perfect lawn for you.

I think we all have a very different idea of what makes the perfect lawn. But I think the defining factor has to be that it is Green! 

Like all things in life, everyone has different tastes. I know that even in my family, we all have very different tastes on food, drinks, clothes and Netflix shows. So it makes sense in the wilder community, that everyone has different tastes in all things in life. Like food, drinks, clothes, Netflix and lawns.

Some people want a soft fluffy lawn. One like their grandparents used to have. A lawn you can take your shoes off and run all over. The soft green lawn that every weekend you can take your mower out and slowly glide all over their pride and joy with a rumbling machine, manicuring it to the finest detail. These people love getting out the fertiliser spreader and walking across the green just before rain to apply something that little bit special. To totally dominate the street! They have a  little sitting area, not on the lawn, but close by to admire their hard work. To them, this is a perfect lawn. 

To others the perfect lawn is a place where the kids can run, play , fall and do all the messy stuff outside on. A place where there are no bindi’s just green lawn to comfort everyone’s bare feet. Its the area where trampolines, slides and swing sets are a must, as well as somewhere to kick a ball. A tough robust lawn, that still comforts you when your body rests upon it. These lawns need to be able to handle picnics and paint. These peoples perfect lawns need to take a hammering and come back comforting bare feet each and every day. 

Then there are the people who want their lawn to be looked at and admired for its beauty. To look out their window and see green healthy happy grass gracing their homes, complimenting their perfect homes. But without them having to do a lot of work. Their lives are busy, and they want their lawn not to be. To these people their perfect lawn is a safe green inspiring place, without the fuss and bother. 

And then there are people like me. I love a beautiful green lush lawn. I hate winter and summer weeds. And I love a green space to sit upon in the sun, read a book and drink a wine or two with family and friends. I love a lawn that will handle my teenagers when they decide to play a quick game of hockey or football. I love a lawn that will handle the activities of my slightly fat dogs.

I have teenage kids who could really help put on the lawn or at home in general, but when they do it is a rush job. Usually they mow the lawn way too short. Its so they don’t have to do it again for a while, more efficient they tell me. They also have the same idea when it comes to most house work. Do it quick so they can do more of what they love. So I need a lawn that will recover fast, can thrive on a little neglect but is still there when I need to escape.  

Now I prefer a lighter Red wine. Like a Tempranillo. My husband prefers a Beer. And we live in the same house. Very different tastes, but we need to share the same space, or bottle sometimes. So not only does our perfect lawn need to meet what I want, and what our 3 kids need, it has to also meet what he wants too. And as a landscaper, he has a high ecxpectations of what he wants. But, like all tradies, he doesn’t want to do much when he gets home either. He prefers to exert his energy on other peoples lawns. So our perfect lawn needs to be tough, quick growing, withstand teenage laziness and then really activeness in burst, handle two slightly, (ok very ) overweight Kelpies and be able to absorb the occasional wine spill, and still stay nice and green. 

Is that asking too much? Nahhh. 

That is why at Coastal Turf we have 6 different varieties on offer. So everyone can find anyones perfect lawn for their home. No matter what your tastes. No matter what you want to use it for. No matter how much sunlight or lack of sunlight your home can offer your lawn. At Coastal Turf we try and find your perfect lawn to suit your home and lifestyle.

And we love doing it. Because, if like our place you have different personalities all living altogether, you need something that will make you all smile. Make you all want to share food and drink on the lawn together. 

Knox Park’s beautiful new grassed areas. And my kids

Have you been near Knox Park in Murwillumbah lately? Have you seen all the beautiful new green grassed areas for everyone to enjoy? I am proud to say , these green grass areas came from our farm.

The Gorgeous Wintergreen Couch at Knox Park from our farm.

I am one of those weird crazy mums who run around and do things with and for my kids. Granted at the moment now they are all teenagers, it it mostly just taking them to different places and then picking them up. During these car rides, I learn so much about their lives. And they get to learn about mine too.

One of the weird things I do when we go places, is drive past peoples houses and say, “oh look at that lawn”; ” Wow, that lawn is so pretty”; ” Look Kids. Look at that one, I installed that lawn! And it still looks great. And that one too. I wondering if they lovely people still live there.” – usually while gesturing wildly down the road.

I think it is such a Tradie family thing to do. You are really proud of your work and how beautiful you can make something. And you want to share it with your kids. Show them you are more than just a mode of transport to and from places, or the person who makes sure there is food there for them.

I am not sure how much my kids love it though. When they were little I used to get “great job Mum!” and “Oh that looks great!” Nowadays it is more of a “hmm. Thats nice.”

Over the last 9 months the Coastal Turf team has been working with the Tweed Shire Council on the beautiful Knox Park in Murwillumbah. A place we drive past most days. My three wonderful, but teenaged kids, all go to Murwillumbah High School. (Great school by the way. Perfect for my 3!) Can you imagine what I do every time we go past Knox Park and the look my kids faces!

On the way to and from school (when I get to take them. Mostly they catch the bus though) and driving around to all the other extra exciting events and adventures my kids do (this happens a lot. My kids seem to have a lot of after school activities!), I point out Knox Park and proudly say “look at that grass kids!” Or see “See Poppa unloading gorgeous Wintergreen Couch to be laid in the full sun parts of the park. Or is it Sir Walter and Palmetto Buffalo to be placed in the shaded areas. Wouldn’t that be nice for a picnic?”

Can you see their faces now?

But it must have sunk in though. At least a little. Because when Knox Park opened up again after the COVID Lockdown, guess where my kids all went to meet up with their friends?

Being teenage children, my kids love to hang out with thier friends. But they are also active kids who want to move! Which is great. But also exhausting. So this makes Knox Park in Murwillumbah a perfect place for them.

Not only is there playground equipment for all ages (that even mothers can use. Please try the flying fox. It is so much fun), a skate park, basket ball court, netball court, and it has large open areas with a couple of huge open grassed areas for running around and playing games on. And some beautifully shaded grassed areas to picnic under. Or sit a little out of the way with other mothers so your young teenager can hang out with her friends, but you are still close enough to see what’s going on…..

And the best part for me is that all the grass, every blade, I feel like I have watched grow and mature from a sprig in our soil to beautiful park grass.

Beautiful grassed running area near the steps at Knox Park

The Wintergreen couch in the open areas, perfect to take all the wear and tear of running, riding, playing, tackling and giggling on it anyone can throw at it, comes from our front paddocks on the farm. The grass was lovingly grown and fertilised and manicured to be the best looking Wintergreen Couch around. And also tested for its toughness in covid iso by the kids and I . We gave it a couple of test runs with some very amateur soccer games.

So amateur in fact I may have accidentally kicked a ball in to my daughters brand new glasses on her face that she needs to see everyday in one game. That was a really costly mistake. I had to buy her new glasses (which I think she is secretly happy about). I am not the most coordinated mother. But I get in there and give it a go.

As a family we also gave the Wintergreen Couch paddock few goes at touch football , but teenage brothers don’t really understand that touching should be just light, not hard enough to knock each other to the ground. We banned “touch” football after one game.

I can assure you though that if you do fall onto the Gorgeous Wintergreen couch at Knox Park, I have pre texted it for softness and comfort. Being uncoordinated does have some advantages. Like unintended rests. The Wintergreen couch is very soft and quite comforting to an older 40 year old body to take an unintended rest or fall upon. As a soft thin blade grass, the Wintergreen couch was good when I may have need a “rest” on my back, or side, or butt.

The shaded areas of Knox Park of course needed to be tested as well. We ran the Buffalos through the same extensive pre-testing as the Wintergreen did. But in a more refined manner.

The Sir Walter grass seat at Knox Park

As we knew that the Buffalos were going to be placed in the shaded areas where people would sit and picnic and chat and talk, my husband and I took it upon ourselves to partake in a few gentle beverages on the buffalos to ensure that they would be suitably comforting and supportive to have a lovely picnic upon. While we sent the kids to test the green some more with the dogs.

So if you see a lady in a little white car wildly pointing her arms in the car in the direction of Knox Park. Its me! Give me a wave. And point with me so the kids have to look.

You can imagine, every single time we go anywhere near Knox Park, I always make the kids stop and look the grass. Make them look how pretty it is. And if they have friends in the car, I make them look as well. Being good kids, they all say how lovely it looks. Or how soft it is to sit upon, and how much fun they now have in Knox Park. Sometimes other peoples kids are more likely to give you compliments than your own.

Is your lawn your sanctuary?

Never have our homes been so important to us. They are now our place of sanctuary and comfort to many of us. And to some, a little box that we are trapped in. Either way we are all now Home more than ever.

Both points of view mean that our lawns are also vital to our mental and physical health at the moment. 

Our lawns, be they front yard or back yard, should be the sanctuary we need in our daily lives! The soft green grass under our feet mean that we can ground ourselves again, take big breathes of clean fresh healthy air, and feel normal. Not our new normal, but back to who we are. 

Our lawns are the places we exercise. the place we picnic with family to break up the day. The place we take moments to ourselves.

Being at home has meant to a lot of us, that we were allowed to just fully become and embrace ourselves. We were allowed to relax our posture and wear yoga pants all day. We were allowed to eat when we were hungry, not when the clock told us it was break or lunch time. We were allowed to perform Yoga anytime. And we are finally allowed to catch up on all those odd jobs around the home that you keep putting off. 

Like fixing that leaking tap. Or replacing those few steppers that cracked. Or installing a beautiful lawn for everyone to enjoy. 

Especially in the middle of the day , when the sun is warm, and the grass is soft and comforting, there is no better place than on your lawn. Whether you are working on a laptop emailing and going through your work, or sitting on the grass having a home picnic, or relaxing with the kids and playing a few games, it is always better on the grass. Your lawn is a place of fun and a bit of an oasis when it comes to being isolated at home. 

There is just something about being outside on your lush green soft lawn that makes all jobs easier. Especially a Zoom meeting. Imagine not even having to put in a fake background, because your actual background of a beautiful lawn is so much better than anything Zoom can offer. Make all those people in the meeting jealous! 

And like all great COVID-19 projects at home, the DIY option always gives you the best sense of pride and accomplishment to your day. At Coastal Turf we offer instructional booklets and advice over the phone to help you turn your bit outside to a beautiful oasis of fun. Our delivery drivers are all lawn-attics as well so they are happy to offer advice when they expertly deliver your new lawn to you.

So now is the perfect time to self improve, and home improve with a beautiful new Coastal Turf Lawn.

Get in touch today!

Taking the Long Weekend to play with our kids

These guys are the reason that I do what I do. These three, Hollie, Riley and my husband the Turfman, and one more that would not pose for me because he is 12 and too cool now.

My family is also the reason I love doing what I do. Contrary to popular belief, I do not come to the farm and office to get away from my moody teenagers. I come because I love to farm, and I love to chat with people who love lawn as well. The reason the Turfman and I work all the silly times and hours, like all parents, is to look after our family.

Having a family is such a joy, most of the time. So we understand the desire to make a beautiful green grassed area for your family to enjoy as well.

Having a green grassed area is the perfect place to kick a ball, or run around, or just sit in the sun, or around a fire pit on the soft grass and chat about life.

Its also the place you can send them all out onto when you need some space alone.

So as a Mum, I know the importance of beautiful green grass, and family.

It because of these guys, and everyone else’s families from the farm, that we are all taking the long weekend to spend time at home. To do all the silly things with our families they will remember like kick the ball (in my case really badly), run around with them and more importantly, to chat and laugh with them all.

We look forward to helping you with your lawn needs on Tuesday the 9th June. Please feel free to order through our website to ensure fast delivery, or give me a call to discuss your needs.

Have a great weekend with your family. I know I will enjoy mine. Even with my moody 12 year old. I might even make him have a photo with his lovely mum.

Chat soon


Turf Dogs and Grass

This is Ethel. Ethel is one of our farm dogs. Her job is to  generally look after the farm, pre dog test all the turf varieties, and also be the best company a turf farmer could ask for. 

Ethel the Turf dog, ensuring that the grass is perfectly safe to rub dogs tummies along.
And feels good too!

Ethel spends her days running around the farm, or sleeping in the office. 

Ethel believes that all of these jobs are extremely important. And applies gusto to them all. 

Ethel will be here waiting, tail wagging enthusiastically when you arrive to pick up your turf. Ethel loves cuddles and she will she will expect them upon arrival. Ethel is super friendly and loves to welcome people onto the farm. She also will make a loud noise when you arrive to to let everyone know in the shed, you are here to collect your turf. 

Ethel’s downfall is  she really, really loves a sandwich. And she believes that every sandwich is hers. And she strongly believes  that all sandwiches are hers, so she will very gently, but purposefully, relieve  you of your sandwich. This has caused several things to happen. 

One, Ethel is becoming slightly round. 

Two, Ethel is not encouraged around the lunch table or near lunch boxes any more.

And three, it has encouraged all the guys on the farm to bring something else in for lunch. A salad has ben the main choice amount the men, because Ethel, does not make friends with salad.  She is purely a carbs girl. Which is also why she is round. 

But being our beautiful farm dog, along with her sister Jessica and her daughter Millicent, Ethel does have an important job. And it’s not just keeping the farm guys on their diets. Ethel and the girls make sure that the turf is ready and raring to go to become your families new lawn. 

Ethel and the girls run across all the paddocks. All three of the girls are Kelpies, which are a really active breed. (Well, they are meant to be. Since Ethel’s carb addiction, she has slowed down a little, well a lot) And being an active breed they can give a lawn quite the work out. 

This is how we know which lawn will cope with your furry family members on the lawn. Running, jumping, playing and turning quickly with their claws and paws. For example, the Wintergreen couch, although soft, handles the wear and tear of active dogs really well. The regrowth covers any scruff marks the dogs make as they sprint (or waddle), dart and have so much fun as they go across the grass. Perfect for active breeds. 

And because Ethel is only thinking of others, we also know that rounder, less active dogs, love a soft green grass to lie upon. And that sometimes a heavier dog can do more damage than a really active dog. Because heavier dogs can cause more compaction on the lawn. Because just because she is a little round, does not mean she doesn’t still love to run, a little. So we know the buffaloes are great for high impact lawns. 

Being dog lovers and having  the girls in the farm all the time, it is a given that we choose only sprays that when applied to the turf, are safe for the dogs to still frolic and play. And with our fertilisers, we go as organic as possible. Ethel tries to eat that as well, but she prefers sandwiches. 

Ethel and I both look forward to seeing you next time you come out to the farm to pick up your turf, or hopefully, one day we can venture out of the office and come and deliver some turf to yours well. 

It didn’t go as planned, and thats ok….

I love this quote. I was looking on line to find inspiration quotes to send to my daughter to keep the smile on her face, when I came across this one.

Not only does it kinda perfectly say everything that has been 2020 so far (please karma do not get me). But it also reminds me of when we have that one thing that we really want for an area in our home. Then when we investigate it properly and ask the people who know, we find out that it is just impractical and not gonna work anyway. Or worse going to cost us more money than we wanted.

It is sometimes defeating, but quite often when you have the right people on your side, it all works out in the end anyway. Like when a person calls us who really has their heart set on a robust buffalo lawn for an area that is in full baking sun all day or another who has their heart set on a soft wintergreen couch lawn for an area that is really shady.

These lawns will not really thrive and look as beautiful as they should.

Working with a family like Coastal Turf means you can get the best lawn to suit your conditions, and your budget.

When you describe your area to us, we start to form a mental picture of the area and then we can work with you to find the best suited grass for your home. Be it a thick leafed buffalo for the shadier lawns, or a soft fine leafed couch for full sun areas.

Or maybe it is suiting the best variety to your lifestyle. It is no good having a slow growing and slow repairing lawn if you have a soccer team training every day on your back yard now. You need a fast repairing, can-withstand-my-kids-at-home-training-now lawn.

All of which area possible. And always try to work with you an a budget too. Especially during these crazy times!

So even though your morning, day, week, month and all of 2020 has not gone as planned, let’s make it ok. Together.

Click here to see which new lawn will make you smile at your home.

Or here to get in contact with Sarah to get personalised help.

Lets get something like this at your place!

We are still delivering Turf to the Gold, Tweed and Byron Coasts

Yes we are still delivering our beautiful A grade premium quality turf straight to your door. And its all hands free!

During this time of COVID-19, rest assure that ever measure has been taken to ensure the health and well being of yourself as well as the Coastal Turf team. And especially your turf. Your turf will be machine harvested, and loaded onto our trucks via our skid steer loaders.

When our drivers arrive at your home, they will place the turf as close as possible to where you want to install your new lawn, again with our skid steer loaders. Although we offer personalised service, we will deliver your turf untouched by human hands.

And if you want to get out and about for a bit of a drive, you are more than welcome to come and pick your fresh turf from our farm at Round Mountain Road, near Cabarita Beach and Hastings Point.

We will load the turf with our skid steer loaders into your ute or trailer. With a friendly smile. We just ask for a day or twos notice. We can even send you the link to apply for a border pass for those coming from Queensland.

Your new lawn will be delivered hands free!

Our team know how important it is to be able to get out in the fresh air, and enjoy yourself on your beautiful new lawn.So we are still delivering 6 days a week, straight to your new lawn.

It does not matter if you are on the Tweed Coast, Byron Coast or Gold Coast, Coastal Turf is delivering to you!

So while you are at home, and possibly have a few “helpful” children at home too, why not install your new lawn? It could be a great way to bring everyone together as well as getting in those physical exercise hours in .

And even better, now that we are all allowed to have another family come over and visit, you can get friends and family to come and help you!

Or better still, sit on your new lawn and enjoy your time together.

Gove us a call today to arrange your delivery.

Easter on a Coastal Turf Lawn in 2020

2020 has been a year that I don’t think any of us will forget. Drought, Fires, Floods, Lawns grubs int her millions, and then Social Isolation due to COVID-19.

So it is no surprise that Easter 2020 is not going to be like any that we have seen before.

I don’t think the huge family gatherings will happen. The Easter camping trips are off. But chocolate Easter egg hunts on your Coastal Turf lawn can still be on! You can still hide eggs and crunch away on them. Or if you area little older you could try something else.

Usually at Easter, my nieces, nephews, adn families friends come over and we Easter Egg hunt on the farm. Through al the paddocks And its so much fun!

This year I couldn’t get them all here. And there is no way kids are good at 1.5m distance.

So I instead, because I love traditions, and I am not going to let a big nasty disease stop me from having fun, we had an Easter Egg hunt with my two youngest kids and the Turfman Team.

So although 2020 is not he same as other, more quieter, more routine years, make it your own. Start new traditions. make Easter hunts more than chocolate eggs in your lawn.

And sit on your Coastal Turf lawn over Easter and relax.

#stayathome. We will come to you

Coastal Turf is encouraging you to #stayathome

Coastal Turf has always offered a professional delivery service, and it is no different today. We will bring to your new lawn area your turf on pallets, slide them off with our bobcat and then wave to you as we goo.

All ordering and payment can be done on line, either via this website or on the phone. So although we offer a personal service, it is now a personal service that is personally physically contact free!

So #stayathome and install your lawn. We will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Social Distancing is the perfect time to install your new lawn.

Are you at home this week? Have you been told that you need to be social distant from people, so please do not come into work?

So you are sitting at home. Looking at your house. And it is probably telling you mean things like, you should clean the bathroom, again. You should really clean out the Tupperware cupboard. You need to clean the oven, again.

I know that if I spend too much time at home it almost feels like the four walls are enclosing in on me. That the air feels stale. And all the people who are in the house with me are really just the most annoying people in the world.

Which is why, when you are forced to be at home, it is always a good idea to go outside. Walk out on to your backyard and take a big breathe. Look around.

Could you use your time at home for something actually productive? Something that is going to be fun and also be of benefit to you and your family?

A new lawn or grassed area is perfect for families when you are all at home. It can become that place of sanctuary where you go out to work on your computer, in the clean fresh air. Or the place where you can go and physically move around, kick a ball, throw a frisbee. Or the place you send everyone else because they are becoming the most annoying people in the world.

This is now the perfect time to install that new lawn! You have the time! You have been told not to leave your premises. But stay home. And everything you need for a beautiful new lawn can be delivered straight to your home, without you leaving the house once!

Its as easy as checking out on the varieties page which of the beautiful types of grasses you would like for your home. Think about it like, since you have been told not to go out and party in the usual places, like Splendour in the Grass, which grass type would you like to listen to your music on at home? And at home your can listen as loud as you like through your headphones and take your shoes off. A lot nicer! And no one is going to stare at you when you dance like Beyonce.

Or which grass would you like to sit down on in the sun and relax with a great book and a better beverage? Soaking up the healing rays and relaxing into your self isolation.

Then head over to our Ordering on line section and lock in your time and date of delivery of your new lawn. Or give me a call and I can help you with your choice of lawn and help plan your delivery.

Once your order is locked in, I will then send you an installation guide, so if you are not so self isolated, like if you happen to have your kids and partner home too, you can motivate your team with the exciting news and practical ways you will be installing your new outside isolation area.

On the chosen day one of the boys will come and place your pallet/s of turf as close as possible to wear you want to install your new lawn. And we can do it two ways.

We offer a “no contact delivery” where we chat to you in the phone and you tell us where to put the turf. You stay inside and don’t have to talk to anyone and then go out when we have left all your beautiful new lawn there for you.

Or we can ring your door bell, say hi, and you can show us where you would like the delivery, ask any questions about inflation or establishment.

It’s totally up to you. We are here to help you get the best lawn possible to aide in your time at home. Just because you have to stay home, doesn’t mean you should sit on the couch. And especially while the sun is shining during the day, now is a great time to be outside.

Take advantage of your time at home. I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Chat Soon!


It’s so much better being at home outside, than sitting inside in the stale air, breathing each others breathe.