Bring your Dog to work day. Everyday at Coastal Turf

Friday the 23rd was bring your Dog to work day. I told Keith, Ethel, Jessica, Millie and Indiana this exciting news and they just wagged their tails.

Although every day at Coastal Turf is bring your Dog to work day. Sometimes I wonder whether Jessica, Ethel and Keith believe in their doggie heads that is really bring your owner to work day, because I am the only one that can drive the car. Its a good to save their legs you know. All that running around the harvester is a lot of hard work. And in their heads, really important. I think that Jessica feels that if she didn’t the harvester wouldn’t work. Keith and Indy on the other hand are content to keep John company in the harvester.

And deliveries are always a pleasure with my Dogs there to keep me company.

I do think though that maybe we all just forgot to NOT Bring our Dog to Work today.

I don’t know about you, but I know that our dogs help us see fit, help us to relax and take away stress in our lives. A great big cuddle from a dog is wonderful. And the lick up the side of the face means you cant really take life too seriously.


They are a really part of the family. Ones that won’t talk back. Always are excited to see you and look at you with that face.


And thats why Coastal Turf make sure we have turf lawn varieties to suit all dog sizes and shapes. We always make sure that each varitiety is tested by our dogs at home and at work. As an important part of our families they need their rooms (your yard) to be clean and safe happy places. And natural grass is the best at absorbing their toileting habits. Give us a call and we will help you pick the best type of turf for the really loving member of your family. Keith, Ethel, Jessica, Indiana and Millie will make sure of it.

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Keith and Indy. The Turf dogs. Perfect to trial the grass for your 4 legged family members.

And now with the girls as well, each variety is tested for all dog walks of life.




Coastal Turf and Turfman now Movie stars!


Well we aren’t really movie stars but we now have a youtube channel you can watch instructional videos. And they are pretty cool

Enjoy them guys

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Coastal Mix – The perfect family lawn.

The perfect Coastal Family Lawn

*Coastal Mix is a combination of the Qld Blue Couch and native Carpet grass.
*Coastal Mix is a Dark green colour
*Coastal Mix is the perfect family Lawn. It is light and soft underfoot, but won’t be worn away by little feet or paws.

*The Carpet Grass component requires less mowing as like a carpet, it will grow out. As a native it has adapted to thrive in our wet and dry climate extremes. Combing with the softness and dark colour of the Qld Blue, Couch, Coastal Mix has the best of both worlds – tough yet soft and fluffy.

  • Great for rental properties1

*Carpet Grass within a symbiotic relationship with Queensland Blue couch creates the Perfect Family Back Yard Lawn Grass – Coastal Turf’s Coastal Mix. *Coastal Mix grows in sandy salty soils as well as richer darker soils.

  • And is the most effective lawn, to purchase and to maintain! You don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful!

Winter Lawns. Great to install now, Perfect time to look after your green space

Turf Australia has just release their winter “what to do to your lawn”. Its a great reminder that your lawn will slow down at this time of year, so you don’t need to mow as often or as high.

We are exceedingly luck here in the Northern Rivers Gold Coast Regions, because our soils ever really get cold enough to holt turf establishment. Which means we can plant your lawn all year round.

And the winter rain, it just makes the establishment period faster. And means less work from you to ensure the establishment. Always a good thing with instant lawn. The less work from you to make your lawn green and fluffy and fun, the better.


With all this rain at the moment I know I am really thankful for our lawn out the front of our house on the way too our cars. There is so much less mud coming into the house than there could be. I say less, because I have 3 kids, and there will always be mud in my house. And two are boys, so even when they are older, I’m sure I will still have mud being walked through from somewhere. Even when its dry. Thats why I made sure when we built the house that grass came right up to the front door.


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Murwillumbah’s school gets a new green area to play

This week has been all about going back to school for us and Tony the Turfman’s boys. The Boys said it was better than going back to school because they got to spend all day outside on the school oval, instead of having to go inside a classroom.


I really do hope they learned something though. I mean they all already know how to install quality turf, green side up. They know how to role so that no gaps are left and the ground is even for kids to play on. And they do already know how to drive the skid steer around to place the turf percent for installation.

After the floods, areas around Murwillumbah were deemed unsafe of the kids, the  town has been working really hard to get new green areas for our kids to play. And what is more green than Grass!


This new area will be great for sports carnival. lunchtime football games, and the chasing games across the grass. Ahh to be young again and run around on the grass.


#NationalFamiliesWeek. What does it mean to you?

I have been flicking through my Facebook feed and noticed that this week is National Families week #NationalFamiliesWeek. And it got me thinking about what is a Family now? I guess it means something different to everyone.

In our house my immediate Family is My Husband and our kids. Then theres our larger biological family consisting of my brothers family, my sister in-laws family and our parents and step parents. Then there is my Work Family. As a small family business, these who work with us become more than just employees, they become part of Us. And I cannot forget my Friend Family. All those wonderful people in my life whom I love.

So when I really think about what is family to me, it is all about the people that I love. All the people that if the world was going to end, those who I would put in the Ark with me. Thinking about it I would need a really really big Ark. Theres my Biological family, then there are the people in my lives whom I count as family . The friends whom I call upon in the good times and rely upon during the bad. The ones that when I have exciting news I call them or send out a text to them straight away! The ones when you have to move house or install a new lawn, you call, and know they will come. Those Friends that its ok when they come over and your house is messy. Those friends that when you say “I’m having a BBQ this weekend. Why don’t you come over? Yeah just in old clothes is fine. Might just lay a bit of turf before hand hey? “ And you know they will come. And bring a hose.

Who are those amazing people in your lives? Who are the people that you KNOW you can rely upon to be there during the Great moments, helping you through the bad moments, and getting down right dirty and covered in mud with you when the time is called for? Is it just the Biological family in your life or is it the Family that you have built up around you?

I hope that it is both for you. I hope that you have the people whom you share blood with sitting at your Christmas table sharing your meal, and on that table there are also your Friend family as well enjoying your feast. And I really hope that your Christmas table is outside on your Coastal  Turf Lawn. So if there are any spills or food drops off the table, the lawn will soak it all up, the dog can eat up the scraps, and there will be less for you to clean up. Also the ground will be cool. And more satisfying because you and your FAMILY helped install together!

Happy National Families Week everyone.

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Every lawn is different. At Coastal Turf we are here to help and stop you from stumbling.

I am a mother of 3 children. 2 boys and girl in between. And I remember when I had my second and third children thinking this is going to be soo much easier than the first time. I know exactly what I am doing this time. But I was really wrong.

When I had my first son, I was on my own.  And that was hard enough. My first son was cuddly and snuggly and loved being cuddled to sleep. He hated being out of my arms. We had a routine and we stumbled through. Be it harder some days than others, we got there in the end. My Grandmother was a god send and gave me lots of advice and held my son when I could no longer function.

After I married my husband and we found fell pregnant with my daughter I was so excited. Thinking I have done this before and it will be soooo easy. This time I had a husband to help. It was gong to be soo easy. And then came Hollie. Who was not easy. She didn’t sleep, didn’t want to be cuddled. Hated eating ANYTHING! Routine was EVIL. My husband helped as much as he could, but we didn’t know what we were doing. Again though we stumbled through.

16 months later my youngest son arrived. This time I was armed with the knowledge of how I had stumbled through my other two very different children. I KNEW this time I would know what I was doing. Especially because it was another boy. So of course they would be the same. BUT HE WASN”T!

Again my youngest son was so very very different than the other two. He loved food and wanted to feed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He would go from wanting hugs to smacking your hand away. My husband and I again stumbled through the early years. I remember going to a wonderful elderly Midwife after my youngest Marcus was born and saying I will be right this time. I know what I am doing. She smiled at me kindly and said “No Dear. Every child is different. Just like every flower is different and needs to treated so, every child is different”. I remember smiling at her and then I cried.

That was 9 years a go know and we are still learning and stumbling through all our kids difference. Everyday. Nothing annoys me more than when my kids are at school and we go in for parent teacher interviews and a teacher says ‘oh I have had plenty of children like your child before”. That really gets my hackles up. It’s one of those moments when my husband puts his hand on my knee and squeezes so I don’t go off into my speech “No two children, even two children who have lived in the same house are the same. No two children should be treated as EXACTLY the same. Every single child has had different experiences. Has felt different feelings at different moments. Children should not be Labeled as the same. Just like. Or dismissed because they remind you of someone or something else. “

The Midwife was right. Every child, every flower, every lawn is different. The worst thing I think any of us can say or believe is that everything is the same. That we are all painted with the same brush. I often think about how different my children are when I talk to people on the phone about turf.

I can hear you say that is weird. I know I am a mum and like most mums  my mind is often full of so many different things. Kids and what they are doing, Husband, Father, family, Customers,  Turf, lawns, gardens, and soo much more. When I chat to someone on the phone and I hear them say “I have laid lots of lawns before and I know exactly what I’m doing. I know exactly how to care for all lawns” I cringe a little. And I think about how different every flower, every lawn, every child is.

Even when you have installed lawns at your home in Tweed, then in Mermaid Beach, and in Labrador; looked after your friends, mums and daughters lawn after it was installed; All of them are different. Every locations different. All the soils are different. The amount of sunlight is different. The amount of rain it received is different. The climate is different. No two lawns are panted with the same brush.

And for those who are variety specific, every variety variation is different. Sir Walter Soft leaf Buffalo is very different to Palmetto Soft leaf buffalo, different to Sapphire Soft leaf buffalo different to Shademaster soft leaf Buffalo. All of them thrive in different conditions and require very different after care to ensure a thick healthy lush lawn. see our variety page.

For instance did you know that Palmetto requires a third of the water you would give any of the other varieties. Often people who have installed and looked after other Buffalo lawns give Palmetto way too much water. Drowning the plant in love. Often this leads to fungus infections and a lot of costs to repair the lawn. And each variety requires different minimum amounts of direct sunlight per day.

At Coastal Turf we provide an information pack on installation, and after care to ensure the health of your newly installed Coastal Turf lawn. This means, unlike children, you get a plan on how to best look after each variety differently to ensure their health. We try to stop you having to Stumble through. We know what that is like. We want to give you steps to go through to make your lawn amazing.

I mean I think my children are amazing now. But there was and still is a lot of stumbling. My lawn though, looks great!

One of the kids younger shots of the kids. You can actually se the stumbling.

Empire Zoysia lawns from Ballina to Coomera.

Each time I get a chance to sit down and write something here, I skip through my photos to see what looks amazing. This month just seems to be all about Empire Zoysia. I believe its because of the amazing colour of the Empire Zoysia throughout winter is always a winner. And it really does seem to be on peoples minds at the moment.

I can understand why. I have the Empire at home around our outdoor shower. Crazy story about this area. You know how Builders homes are never really quite finished, and plumbers always have a leaky tap, well Turf Farmers and Turfmen homes are usually a bit lawn bare. For 2 years I talked and talked about getting lawn for this area, and every time Turfman would say “yeah I’ll get to it”. Well last year I broke and I just put in an order and got the boys on the farm to cut it like it was for a real customer, and picked it up and installed it myself around the outdoor shower. I love the softness on my feet in the shaded areas.


I think I talk on the phone all the time to people with shaded areas that still want the softness under foot about my outdoor shower area. I did mention quite enthusiastically my Empire to a Lovely Lady in Ballina. And I convinced  her of its awesomeness. Last week one of our recommended  skilled Landscapers travelled down to Ballina and installed to another Enthusiastic Empire Lover their new Lawn. I am very happy to give you his number if anyone wants installations of perfect lawns in the Byron Ballina area. This photo says it all!

There are times when Turfman cannot get to a client in a fast enough fashion. So we have a list of Recommended  Landscapers and Turf Installers to assist you in creating the perfect Coastal Turf Lawn. Give us a call because no matter where you are between Ballina to Coomera we can bring you your Essential to a Good Life Coastal Turf Lawn.

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Shadey areas? Soft Lawns? You bet!

More and more I chat with people about needing a nice soft easy to look after lawn for a shaded area. A lawn that will be good for kids bare feet to run across. A lawn that will be ok for their dog to play on. A lawn that doesn’t require all their spare time and money being spent on it.


Well that is what the Empire Zoysia is perfect for. As a thinner leafed grass, an Empire Zoysia Lawn is cushioning an soft on little bare feet. But being a Zoysia it is tough and hardy enough with a deep root system to withstand those little bare feet, be they paws or People feet,  playing on it all the time. And the part that I love about it the most is that it is extremely low maintenance.

The Empire Zoysia is my second favourite lawn. My first favourite is Qld Blue. Because it is really soft and when I walk on t with bare feet in the full sun of our lawn area under my clothes line, it is soft and comforting.  I really like the softness under my bare feet.  And the Empire is very similar looking and feeling to the Blue. It is still soft on my bare feet but it will grow in the shaded areas.


The is why I have the Empire around my outdoor shower. After the kids and I have been to the beach I make them shower outside first to get rid of the sand. And there is nothing worse (first world problems!) than already having walked on rocks and road and other mean sharp pointy things on your bare feet which are really used to walking in shoes. It really hurts. Especially on my feet that are used to tough boots surrounding them. That is why I have the Empire Zoysia to comfort my feet when I step out of the car and walk to the shower. Well when I say walk, I mean try and run to the shower before anyone else.

Our outdoor shower was built by the Turfman as an experiment before he built one for a customer. It is solar heated. In that he has black tubing that is warmed by the sun and heats the water. Very water and energy efficient. And although the amount of pipe works great for a 3 people family which he was designing it for, for our 5 family members, only the first couple of showers get warm water. No one wants to be the last shower. Its freezing. Which is great in the heat of summer, but in the cooler times of Spring and Autumn, it does become a little breath taking. Although the pipes are in the sun to heat up, the shower it self is sheltered from the  public eye by large trees and a retaining wall. Which is great for showering, especially when you are a naked child. Not so awesome when you’ve just had a cold shower though.


So after a cold shower, it is much nicer to walk off the pavers onto soft comforting Empire Zoysia on my feet. Luckily it doesn’t need a lot of sunlight to stay thick and lush, and from the water run off from the shower in the warmer months it stays thick lush and soft. And in winter, it goes to “sleep” and requires little love and care from us to stay amazing.

Love the Empire for a shadey conditions for those who want a soft lush comforting to bare feet lawn. 

Chat soon


Long Weekend Lawns

Well QLDers you guys are getting another long weekend. Its ok, cause us hard working Turf farms down in NSW are more than happy to help you make a long weekend a great weekend! May I suggest, this long weekend a little plan …

Saturday – Kill your weeds. Spread your soil. Level the ground and create a fantastic soil area of your new turf to live in. Call us at Coastal Turf to arrange to have Gorgeous Green Couch, Beautiful Blue Couch or Coastal Mix delivered to your home on Monday.

Sunday –  Sit down relax. Breathe. Congrastulate youself on a great preparation job. Take some selfies of you and your amazing soil. Before shots always make you feel good at the end. Call your Friends and Family and ask them for a “BBQ” at your place tomorrow. Go buy some sausages and maybe Beer.


Monday-  Sleep in. Casually make your morning Coffee and smile proudly to yourself that your preparation is all done and your new couch lawn will be there today. Get ready for the transformation. Greet your “guest” and if you haven’t already told them, let them know there is no food or Beer until they have helped you install your new lawn. Don’t forget to smile. Greet The Coastal Turf delivery person with a smile and let him know where you would like the pallets of turf placed. He will use his skid steer loader to move them as close as possible to where you would like to install your new lawn. Get stuck into it with your family and friends and install your new lawn. Take th after shot and be super happy.

Monday night- reflect on how awesome you are and how great your lawn and home look now. Smile and take another selfie!


Hope this plan is a goer for you. And we will chat on Saturday to arrange your new couch lawn.


My selfie with our road and  paddock. I know yours will looks heaps better

Chat soon