How Snoring effects your lawn – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

Last year I wrote about how snoring will effect your lawn. Not your snoring, but my husbands very loud abrasive house shuddering snoring. This very loud noise is why my children can sleep through ANYTHING! Fire Alarms, Trains, City noises, LOUD MUSIC. You name it they can sleep through it. Almost peacefully. I on the other hand tend to get a slight tick on the side of my face  on day 4 with out sleep. On the farm I tend to get a little cranky by 4pm. Turf gets a bit stacked to the side after a long night. And I do get very vicious on the weeds. The boys now have  secret chocolate stack that they throw at me when they se the “I haven’t Slept” Face.

This week though I have slept beautifully.  As bad as the rest of this is going to sound, I have been well rested. Kinda.

Last week Tony was helping my Dad fence along the cattle paddock. And being the good country boy that he is, and with his lovely strong arms, he reached up to snap a branch off in the way of the to be fence. Unfortunately for him, the branch didn’t just snap off and fall to the ground, as was his amazing plan, but instead the branch snapped further back than he is expected. His arm was not quick enough to come up and protect his face. So as the branch broke, his hand which was on the further end of the branch, worked as a pivot to swing, quite hard, the end of the branch closet to the tree, (as well as his face) into his nose. Braking it quite spectacularly. There is nothing quite like excessively bleeding everywhere in extreme pain with your father-in-law and a person who you don’t really know well enough to be really hurt with.

Tony had my ute. Which being a mum means I have baby wipes in the car. Religiously! So Tony stuck nearly a whole packet of baby wipes up his nose to steam the bleeding (he didn’t think that my sanitary Girl things were useful ). And  quick call to me to say “honey, I need  some clothes and an ice pack. Possibly a beer.” My Dad was down the other end of the fence and didn’t see what happened, so just started to yell to him to hurry up with the next line. This probably didn’t aide in easing his embarrassment. When Dad arrived to Tony, my Dad who is not good at blood AT ALL, turned a trifle bit pale and had a sit down with Tony until we arrived.

Kids in tow, off I went down to the cattle farm and packed my husbands nose with clean more absorbent tissues, applied ice, gave dad a drink and then helped them to finish the fencing.

That night we settle down to bed after  few beers to “Stem the pain. Didn’t you read the article on Facebook? Everything on Facebook is true.” I am hoping that was just the pain talking and not real.  Usually after a few beers, Tony snores louder than the fright trains I lived next to at Uni. But Friday night, there was nothing! I think that the brake may have actually straightened his nose enough to stop the loudness of his snoring.

So this week, other than the occasional wake up for kids bad dreams, and Tony’s sore face needing attention, I have been able to get to sleep, even after Tony has fallen asleep before me. I have Stayed asleep. And woken up fresh and happy.

So pallets are stacked and loaded beautifully. My deliveries are completed with a smile, and I’m a bit too chatty on the phone.

Hopefully his nose heals in this position. And the snoring will stop, or at least ease off a bit.


Ahh the exciting life of a Turf Farmer. I Love It!

Chat soon


PS don’t scroll down unless you want to see the face of a smooshed Turfman. 

Some like it HOT! The blue does!

Who would have believed that we would be in a winter that means I can get my legs out into the sun? Most winters I am fully covered with several layers of warm clothes. I know. I know. We live on the Gold Coast and its always warm. Well, I believe that anything under 25 degrees is cold. Very Cold. Winter jumpers Cold.

So most winters I am very rugged up. You can imagine my joy when this morning I woke up and though “Yep its a shorts day”. My kids were stunned by the sight of my glowing white legs this morning. My Husband was surprised. My Dad laughed. But I believe none were more surprised than I that I could have my legs out in the air at this time of year. My legs went into a little bit of shock. There was no warm jeans encasing them, and the sun almost burned them when they struck them.

Like my legs, our lawns were not expecting to be exposed to warm hot air so early in the year. Most of our lawns are still trying to go through a “slumber” period and aren’t ready to be exposed to the warm, well lets face it HOT, weather. The leaves are drying out and they are turning a pale colour. Like my legs.

For your established lawns, best to get in there now and water for 5mins at a time in the morning and possibly the evening. Refresh the plants growth and cool it down. This will help to cool your home and retain that beautiful colour now. I would totally suggest a top dressing before Spring. This will help to hold the water against the roots.

For the new lawns that are being established now, what perfect timing! The soil is warm, that will encourage root growth! Faster establishment means you can send the kids out on the lawn sooner. And more peace for you. And when they come back in they will have clean feet! Beautiful!

And my pick for the best lawn to be installing at this time of year? Old Blue! It looks amazing and it doesn’t require a lot of water. 


  • Blue Couch is a very soft, deep Blue-Green, fine textured, leaf grass, that is native to the Far Northern NSW and SE Qld.
  • As a native of our area, Blue Couch understands our weather extremes, extreme heat, and extreme wet, then extreme dry. Staying greener for longer, and recovering quickly.
  • Like the name suggest, sitting on a Blue Couch lawn is like sitting on a soft comfy couch.
  • Blue couch is one of the most salt tolerant turf grasses available, and the most  drought tolerant.
  • Blue Couch requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight a day.

Blue Couch is the perfect lawn for those sunny areas around your home where you love to spend time without your shoes on.

For those who have established lawns, check out our turf tips page, for the wanting to create a beautiful Coastal Turf lawn, give us a call and we will send along all you need to create your amazing space.

Chat soon



Everyone deserves a chance to play on REAL grass.

This week is the start of the end of Weekend sports for my kids. I am so relieved but also a bit sad about about what our family will do on the weekends now. God forbid we have to clean the house. Nah. I will think of something else to do.


I am relieved though that my kids have the opportunity and the pleasure of playing weekend sports Outside in the fresh air on Natural Grass. It makes a big difference to our loves.

As kids they have a great time rolling and falling on the grass. Being comforted by the soft grass and having the grass absorb all the bodily fluids which come out. The ground is cool and comforting to hot sweaty bodies as they collide. I have under 11’s so there is a lot of falling.


My daughter plays Hockey on the artificial turf sometimes and her falls always end up with grazes that become infected. No matter what we do. The weird plastic stuff is just not comforting and it holds so many germs. I know what you hockey fanatics will say. That the ball moves better. Well I say to you that a well maintained natural turf grass that is the correct variety will have the ball run beautifully on. Take a golf green for instance…..

But a badly maintained plastic field will give you weeds coming through and germs a plenty on your open sires and burns!

Even a well painted plastic grass, which I think looks great outside of Barbie’s house, but not at anyone’s house who is not made of plastic, will get the following problems.

Natural turfgrass automatically cleans bacteria regularly, is low in heat generation that promotes activity, due to the forgiving nature of natural turfgrass less injuries occur on the sporting field, there is no rubber infill to cause breathing issues, when mowing turfgrass there is the cosmetic appeal as well as the tidying of the area, natural turfgrass does not lift without assistance, natural turfgrass waste is mulched and used as fertiliser in production and natural turfgrass sports fields are not affected by high rain events.

Really, Natural is best! Except when it comes to clothes. I do think we should all wear clothes rather than going all Natural for that. Please

Chat soon





Making the right choice for your new Lawn.

This last couple of months the Turfman and I have been looking and looking and looking a different cars. We are buying a new Ute for our Family and work. And after a while I couldn’t distinguish between my Toyotas or Mitsubishis or Fords or any of the others that we looked at. They all kinda mooshed into the one car in my head.


It made me think about how really hard it is when you are making a decision that will effect your family’s life. Like your lawn. It is one of those things that you will look at everyday. You will use most days, and your kids will be on it with little bare feet. Your animals will play out on it everyday. And you want to make the right decision about which on his the best grass for your new lawn.


Sometimes you have past experience with different lawns at your place. Like when you are replacing your existing yucky lawn, to a beautiful new exiting value adding lawn to your home. I kinda equate this to when you go and replace your old car with a new one that will better suit your changing family. In those cases you can at least rule out the grass varieties you know won’t grow at your place. And the grass varieties that will not fit with your changing lifestyle.


And then there are the cases when you are moving into a new house and you haven’t lives there. You don’t have the experience with your yard to know how much light your lawn will receive all year round. Like when you are looking at a totally new different type of car. Going from a sedan to a ute. Its going to be  difference in the lives of our family.


So after going through all this fuss and bother and stress of a new car, I have a new appreciation of what people go through when they buy a new car. In the interest of this, we have our display plots at JH Williams at Chinderah (24 Ozone Street), kinda like a display yard for lawns. And we offer you the chance if you want to come and walk on our paddocks at the farm at Round Mountain (near Hastings Point and Cabarita Beach NSW. Surfers always know where we are) you are more than welcome to make an appointment with me.

And if you are still confused, take home small bit of grass and see what you think.

And I have made up some info sheets with pictures for the different varieties so you can take it home and read through them again and again. Like you do with cars.

We also have some lovely clients who are happy for you to drive past their lawns and see what it looks like in your area. I think this is the best one. Because you  can see how normal people take care of their lawn. And how it grows near you.

And best yet, I can have one one of the Turfmen come to your place and look, touch and tell you what they think will work best.

Hopefully this will help you choose the best grass.

Or let me know a better way to move forward. Any thing we can do to help you choose the right lawn for your place, and make that process easier for you I would love to know.

Chat soon


Winter lawns, the best place for your family and friends to get together.

It has been very cold this week in the mornings. And I am not very good at cold. I love the warm weather. Hot days bring them on. I hate putting on heaps of layers to go outside to take the kids to the bus in the mooring. Today when I came back from the bus run, I sat down with my hot cup of tea at the office desk, and started to flick through Facebook. My little vice I must admit.


Last year the local Sports and Bowls Club at Cabarita Beach came out tot eh farm and bought some beautiful blue couch for in-between their stunning Greens. This morning when I was flicking through Facebook, I saw a stunning picture of outdoor parties they are having on this area now.

What a great idea. Having a party on the Lawn is fantastic. When your wine glass is spilled, in my case usually because I have a child tug on my arm to tell me something really important, like they are hungry; the grass can suck it all up. Perfect! No clean up! Or when the very hungry child is running and their sausage falls on the grass and sauce is spilled everywhere, the Grass Carpet will absorb all that sauce and the party continues with a smile. The smile does come after the child gets a new sausage, as in at our house the sausage on the ground will be quickly disposed of by a lovely fat dog helping with the clean up. All you have to do is clean up all the cups and plates at the end.

But if you go to the local Sports Club, like Cabarita Beach or Pottsville, you can have your party on the grass. Enjoy the warm winter sun, enjoy your wine, get hot chips for your hungry kids, and ignore the spills, and have them clean up all the mess for you! Even better!


And isn’t that why we have our lawns in Winter? Its a place we can go to and enjoy the sun of winter? Give  us a call and we can help you create a fantastic Winter escape for you and your family friends at your place.

Chat soon


Splendour in your Own Grass

This weekend its a BIG time at Byron Fields. Splendour in the Grass is on. I love anything that is excited about Grass! The lawn Grass. The Lawn Grass.

I love Splendour in the Grass. They get great Bands, great location, and most important they have a Coastal Turf Lawn to Splendour on.


This weekend I will be Splendouring in my own Grass. I will be relaxing and sitting listening to the music on my soft Blue Couch. Some of the music will be lofting up from the Amazing Byron Fields and some will just be my own music coming out of our house. I won’t be lining up for drinks. I will just have it sitting next to me. Also when I dance on the Grass with my kids, only my husband will laugh at my mad dance moves.


So to get the authentic On the Grass experience, give us a call. And we have the soft Coastal Turf Grass on your lawn. And you won’t have to pay a fortune for the drinks. Or see my mad sick dance moves. Just enjoy the music you love, and the Grass that you will love even more.


Chat soon


REAL Grass makes REAL Sport! With support from your local Coastal Turf

This week has been pretty exciting for me.

Coastal Turf and Tony the Turfman are great believers of being part of our community. And encouraging our kids, families, and friends to play games of all sorts on REAL GRASS. There are so many many health benefits of playing sport an a real natural surface like grass.


The bodily fluid absorption is a big one for me. My kids are the type of kids that although not extremely talented in any real sport, they throw their body on the line. I have told my daughter time and time again, especially as a small child, that skipping hand in hand with your best friend, although super fun and super cute, and probably quite talented, is not a real sport. If its not in the Olympics, its not a real sport. Where as Hockey, and football (of various varieties) are Olympic and Internationally recognised sports. And being children of a Turf Farmer and a Turfman being on REAL GRASS makes then especially appealing.


Take Football. I love that the Tweed area have started a Womens league for both Afl and NRL. I totally do not understand either of them. But we want to support them running on the grass, tackling on the grass and falling on the grass. Coastal Turf supply the Womens Tweed Coast Tigers with some Green couch for their oval. And support the Tweed Coast Tigers.

Go the Tigers! Love that Green Couch to run on and fall on.


The Tweed Coast Raiders Junior and the Senior teams are all supported by the Turfman. We believe that it is so  important to get kids out and playing sport so they will carry the love of REAL Grass and being outside playing sport on REAL GRASS for the rest of their lives.


Coastal Turf was very proud to support the Kingscliff Hockey Clubs juniors to arrange for them to all have a training shirt.



Nothing better than smiling faces of kids playing sport. So much fun.


So go out and enjoy your lawn. Train your future REAL GRASS players. And get them down to Kingy Hockey Club or Tweed Tigers or Tweed Coast Raiders and join them up to play on REAL GRASS some REAL sport.


Chat soon


PS Look for me at the next AFL Tweed Tigers game. And come over and explain to me what is happening, and appropriate times to cheer.





Not getting Enough? Get some Blue Couch to solve that.

I am a mother of a Teenager, and 2 Tweenagers. And yes this does make me slightly crazy. But also it means that I hear a lot about what is trending on the net. At the moment all I have been hearing (other than stupid Narwal song. OMG! Do not look it up!) about is how People aren’t getting enough.


Now this can start off as an awkward conversation with your Teenager. When my son came and said to me “Are you getting enough?” my first face must have been one of shock and confusion. Cause his next statement was “Of Sleep Mum. Really get your mind out of the gutter!”

And of course I am not! I have a Teenager, and 2 Tweenagers! This causes you not to sleep well. Although physically harvesting turf, and installing turf does help me to sleep really well when I do finally fall.

My Tweenagers say its because my bed is not comfy. They said I should go down to the Blue Couch paddock and nap down there. Because it is so comfy and soft. Keith definitely thinks its a great place to have a nap.

Not getting Enough?


So if your not getting enough maybe go outside and lie in the lovely warm sun on your Coastal Turf Blue Couch lawn and relax. Get a few quick zzzz ‘s on the lawn. Before the kids catch you.


Chat soon




Palmetto Buffalo verses Empire Zoysia. Who is the Favourite?

Hey do you know what I’m Not doing this weekend? I’m not going to be mowing my lawn. And you know why? Its not because I have a sexy lawn mower man. Sadly no. Although I can dream about things like that because I will have the time this weekend.

Because I have two of the best types of turf lawn varieties in our region gracing my lawn. My yard tends to be a bit of a mish mash of all different varieties of lawns. My husband, the Turfman, tells me it because we are testing out all the different lawns at our place. If they can cope with our three kids, their friends, our fat dog and very active dog. They, Hey! They can cope with anything. The Palmetto Buffalo and the  Empire Zoysia are my favourites at the moment. (Like kids, you never have an actual favourite child, just one you prefer to be with at the moment. )  Both are slow growing turf grasses that cope well in the shade. They require little to no love from me to stay thick and lush. Its a beautiful thing.


And like playing two kids off each other, to see who you love the most, the Pal and the Zoys must compete to see who is my favourite. Just kidding, I don’t make my kids compete for my love. They are the bright light in my day that does make me want to keep going, and other days I dislike them all evenly. But the lawn, I am happy to let them compete. The Pal does perform beautifully under the trampoline area. It is robust enough to take the kids and the dog running, driving, falling and playing it all year round. The sponginess underfoot means they do not have to wear shoes outside. And I have no worries about Bindies invading the Pal. Its such a great tight knit lawn that nothing is hurting my kids feet.


But around the outdoor shower, where MY feet are most often bare, is my Empire Zoysia. Its soft, comforting and always green. I love the slow growing thinner leafed Empire Zoysia. The Zoysia envelopes my feet in its lush leaf. I feel like I’m walking on clouds of fluffy green as I move from the shower to the house. It does take a little more water than the Pal, but it takes half the mowing.


So I have put the two next to each other. And Turfman says we will see which one tries to invade and take over the other. The area is shadey, only getting 4 hours or so of sunlight per day. So it will be a real tester.


I’ll let you know which one at the end of winter is my favourite.

Chat soon


Empire Zoysia

Palmetto Buffalo

Holidays, and the best lawn makes for happy times.

Its school holidays for  both NSW and Qld. And if your like me, you are looking for something for your kids to do. And my favourite thing to say to my kids is to tell them to go outside. We have a deal that for every 20mins outside, they get 5 mins of wifi! This means  Netlix, YouTube, and all those other things they watch the internet is limited to how much they go outside. And I have now enforced the “Fighting Penalty”. I’m not sure what happens at your place, but at ours, my son and daughter are either best friends or worst enemies. For levy fight I can hear (unfortunately I had to put this in so I don’t get the dobbing. Sigh) there is a 10mins penalty to existing Wifi time. Haha! I am an evil mother! Well thats what they tell me.

We are lucky here in that I have a huge area I can send my kids outside onto. I was shocked to receive from Turf Australia some info which said that now a days, in some places,   that 39% of our kids are spending less than an hour outside! 

What was really encouraging to me though, was that most parents were looking for places to live where their kids could enjoy some green grass time. 

We are all more than likely to put ourselves out for the happiness of our kids. And to stop the bickering. Being outside means our kids can run, tumble and giggle. Having a great lawn, means they can take their shoes off, feel the soft cushion of the lawn under their feet and laugh all day. At Coastal Turf we are here to help you you get the best lawn for your place.


A Natural Grassed lawn will absorb all those accidents; Be they wee accidents or bloody accidents; with little to no clean up from yourself. By walking bare footed on the grass kids get lots of sensory stimulation which calms them and helps them to earth themselves. This is meant to create happier people in the long term. My kids hardly ever wear shoes, and run bare foot across the turf farm all the time. The more I can keep them outside the better I think.

It also means that they have tried and tested all the turf varieties with Bare feet and can recommend what feels best. Here are my three’s recommendations….

Hollie (age 11, girly, plays hockey and loves Polar Bears) – The Wintergreen is best cause the ball moves faster across it. And its best to cartwheel on.

Riley (age 15, very tall 179cm. Loves his wifi, and will work hard to get more. Even if it means playing with his brother and sister) – The Coastal mix. It has two different grasses so it gives you different feels as you run. (He is a great at articulating his feelings. As most teenage boys are.)

Marcus (age 9. Loves Football. And wrestling. And Dad jokes) – The Palmetto Buffalo or Zoysia. Cause it is better to fall over on. Softer and bouncier.


I would definitely say that having a green lush lawn to play on is a thousand times better than your kids coming home like this though…..

This did not come out easily. I had to get them to stand on the greener grassed area to take the photo. On the mud you couldn’t see them.

Chat soon