Rainy day lawns – a short story

Its at this time of year, when its raining and wet and your yard starts to get really muddy, that you really appreciate the humble lawn. It’s the green carpet that cleans your boots as you walk along. It’s the soft mat that comforts your kids as they fall upon the ground. It is the saver of your carpets when your family walks from outside.

But when you don’t have the clean green outside, you really start to notice other peoples yards. This is when the “Best lawn in the street” competition really comes into play.

When there is brown and sticky mud around your lovely home your walk to the bus stop takes that so much longer with the kids.

Here is a little story…

As you walk the kids down the street to the bus stop under your umbrella, you splash past lawns that are patchy and have huge puddles forming in the yard. All the water from their yard is starting to run all over the paths, making a great time for your toddler to splash your once dry pants. You and your toddler glance over at your neighbours lawn.  All of a sudden you imagine your little ones in their bright yellow gumboots making a huge splash in your neighbours yard creating a mud pool for them as well. You hold your little ones hand just that little bit stronger as you walk by. They struggle as you walk and your school child complains that it really is too wet to go to school. You cant see the day getting any better, cause when you get home you know that you have a day with a  toddler stuck inside. No amount of Paw Patrol is going to make today better.

Down the road, as you near the bus stop you walk past your new neighbours lawns which have Coastal Turf signs. Their lawns are  magical green lawns of pure brilliance. You start to imagine what your home could look like with the beautiful lawn around your place. The first lawn is soft and an emerald colour. Its fluffy and almost calls for you to take off your shoes and walk across it. Even in the rain. No puddles on this lawn. From your memory you think it is a blue couch lawn.

The next house along has a thick leaf lawn. The kids bounding our of this home look like they have a lovely spring to their steps as they bounce across the lawn. Their shoes don’t appear muddy or grass stained when they arrive to the bus stop just ahead of you. You look down at your shoes and see the mud from home. The kids mother runs out after her chatting two and hands them a lunchbox with a kiss, with a little running toddler behind talking quickly about how his boots make a great sound on the grass. She smiles at you in the knowing ways mums smile at each other when their kids are too “busy” to organise a lunchbox into their own bag. “Lovely weather, isn’t it?” she says to you.

“Oh yes. I’m really not looking forward to having my little one inside all day,” you reply, as you cast your eyes back over her thick green lawn, “What a beautiful lawn you have.”

“Thanks. My husband and I installed it a couple of weekends ago. I’m so glad we got in just before the rain. It’s Palmetto Buffalo from Coastal Turf is great. So easy.”

The bus pulls up with little splash, because the beautiful Palmetto lawn has absorbed the run off.

Your child blows you a kiss as they jump on the bus, and your little one starts to play with her new best friend at the bus stop.

“Hi, I’m Mary. Hey, why don’t you come in for a coffee. The kids can play in the back yard in their boots and jackets if you want. It can’t hurt the grass. And I love not having any mud inside anymore.”

You smile with relief at having adult conversation this morning, as well as giving your toddler time outside without fear of muddy feet. You definitely decide to get Coastal Turf’s number while you chat with your new Bus stop Mum friend.

So give me a call and we can arrange a brilliant green lawn at your place.

Chat soon


Mental Health Day. Why your lawn is so important to your mental Health

Its world Mental Health day today the 10th October.

And really you are thinking why would a Turf farm think about Mental Health. Well, not only do we really appreciate our employees (who are more like family members) but because your lawn has the unique ability to change your mood.

This is one of those subjects I find really interesting and enjoy reading  about. The way that we see something and it instantly makes us feel happier, calmer and more fulfilled. Its called Colour Psychology. Colours are meant to have effects on moods. Thats why fast food restaurants are red. Red makes you feel hungry.

where as Green, makes you feel “better”.

From www.verywell.com

“Color psychology suggests that different colors can evoke psychological reactions. For example, color is often thought to have an impact on moods and emotions. Sometimes these reactions are related to the intensity of a color, while in other cases they are the product of experience and cultural influences…. How does the color green make you feel? For many people, it immediately brings to mind the lush green of grass…Perhaps because green is so heavily associated with nature, it is often described as a refreshing and tranquil color.”

It seems Green Grass can also make you feel safe and happy.

From Pennington.com

3. Natural grassy areas can in still feelings of safety and may deter crime.

University of Illinois research in inner-city neighborhoods found that grassy areas that provide greenery but still preserve openness may deter crime. Residents who lived near open grassy areas perceived these areas as safer than other open, non-grassy areas, and they reported feeling safer. Outdoor graffiti, vandalism, littering, violent behavior and violent crimes were reduced in neighborhoods with open grass areas.

Pennington.com also stated

14. Natural grassy outdoor areas can improve physical and mental well-being.

Lawns and exposure to natural outdoor greenery can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, improve attention and increase feelings of happiness and serenity.4 For children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), play in grassy outdoor areas has resulted in significantly better functioning and fewer symptoms than play that occurred without exposure to such spaces.11 Additional benefits are still being discovered.

So its not just me who the green stuff on our farm makes me feel better. It has the potential to make every feel happy.

Give us a call today and we can help you feel happy with your new lawn, and improve all of our mental health.

Thank you, Chat soon


Bad day Blues turned into Smiles all round through a beautiful Palmetto Lawn

I love getting out of the office. I love actually getting out and meeting the wonderful lovely people that I get to talk to on the phone and see what they actually look like rather than what I imagine what they look like. And often these amazing people are so happy and excited when I turn up that they light up my day.

Last Saturday I had one of those mornings where nothing seemed to go right. You know your coffee tastes burnt, the kids where all fighting and my husband had hogged the toilet for way too long. Then the farm called and said they need me to go out delivering as one of the men were sick. So with no food in my tummy, and the bad coffee taste in my mouth I quite grumpy walked out the door down to the farm and got in my little truck without saying a word to anyone. (I probably had that look on my face which said “Don’t talk to me ” anyway.) On the drive up to Tugun I went through the extremes of emotions that hunger people go through. Anger, sadness and then its all really my fault anyway. By the time I got from Caba to Tugun, my first drop, I was a whirlwind and not really sure how I was going to head through my day.

I knew I was going to see Dave, who had ordered several deliveries of Palmetto before. I had this idea in my head of a smiling joyous man, but my mood was not really allowing for many good thoughts to enter in.

Then I met Dave. Dave is magic. So excited and happy with his Palmetto Buffalo. His smile was so large that you can probe see it from space. He moved excitedly when he talked about his lawn and how proud he was of what he had achieved. He was so happy that we had brought him the last little bit he needed to finish off his yard. And I knew I would have a smile for the rest of the day. He was so thrilled with our Palmetto that he had made it a feature of his yard.

“Yeah, Just followed your advice Sares. And it worked out beaut.” Dave told me as we walked around his yard. The Palmetto was so soft, and had a wonderful bounce to it as I walked over it, even in my big clunky boots. The lawn had the aroma of summer, of freshly cut grass.

Dave had built himself a beautiful Sanctuary  from all the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast. The green carpet of his lawn was a stark contrast to the concrete and sand of the Tugun region.

Enough Chat and babble from me about how beautiful it is, Have a look for yourself!

Just Beautiful!!!!

Dave said he loved to go out every couple of nights, Beer in hand and stand and hand water his yard. He loved to walk bare footed across his lawn and he said he felt relaxed and connected. It made the days work float away from his head space.

I drove away from Dave and his beautiful yard knowing that my day would be great. I headed over and got a coffee that tasted great and a quick bite to eat.

Thank goodness for wonderful people like Dave.

Cheers Dave, enjoy your Beer

Chat soon everyone else about creating a gorgeous yard like this for yourself.



How much Water does a good healthy lawn REALLY need?

 With all the Dry weather around, and so many peoples lawns browning off, a lot of people are left using How much water does my lawn need! Thats why this week I am taking my guidance from Turf Australia about how much water we need in our area.

Sometimes lawns, or natural turf, is criticised for using too much water.  What can we do to minimise water use on lawns and sporting fields? What are the benefits of having lawns and natural grass sporting fields and do they outweigh the disadvantages?

Australian and international research has found that:

  • The majority of home owners do not know how much water a heathy lawn needs.
  • Overwatering of lawns and sporting fields is common.
  • Many new turf varieties use significantly less water.
  • There are a number of water saving practices and technologies now available.

So, How much water does my lawn need?

It may surprise you to learn that many turf species, in particular warm season turf varieties, have been proven to be water wise.

In Australia, warm season turf species represent 90 per cent of the turf produced and available. The main Australian warm season turf species include; Soft Leaf Buffalo, Couch, Kikuyu and Zoysia. There are many different varieties of each of these species available.

A study by Western Sydney University con rmed that warm season turf needs about the same amount of water as native plants, and considerably less than exotic garden plants. In addition, a study carried out in Texas, in the United States (US), showed that warm season turf can survive without any water for up to 60 days during Summer and return to health within two months after receiving water. So don’t despair your lawn will come back. Especially the Coastal Turf varieties.

In another US study, once established Soft Leaf Buffalo was shown to use the same amount, or less, water as native landscape gardens. Although, it did take three years for the Soft Leaf Buffalo to become fully established and use the same amount of water as the native landscape gardens. In the fourth year, however, the native landscape gardens used more than double the amount of water compared to the Soft Leaf Buffalo – no doubt contributed to by the, now, larger size of the shrubs within the native gardens.

• East coast (Melbourne to Brisbane): weekly watering during Summer and Spring, with twice a week needed on soils that are sandy or shallow.


  • Establishing a lawn in Australia

    Turf that has just been laid needs frequent watering for the rst seven to 14 days, possibly up to two or three times a day if in full sun. Remember, watering can include rainfall and less water is required for shaded areas.

    Once established though, a lawn in full sun consisting of Couch, Kikuyu, Soft Leaf Buffalo or Zoysia would typically require weekly watering during Summer and Spring, with twice a week needed on soils that are sandy or shallow. Again, note that watering can include rainfall and less water is required for shaded lawns.


    How can I reduce the water required by my lawn?

    As mentioned above, different turf species and varieties have different watering needs.  Couch varieties have been shown to use 38 per cent less water than existing varieties and Australian native turf varieties are now available.

    Queensland Blue Couch, Carpet Grass, most Soft Leaf Buffalo’s, Zoysia’s and Tall Fescue varieties are known to be more water efficient than alternatives, with many being region specific. At Coastal Turf we can recommend the most suitable low water use species for your climate and soil type.

    Visit www.turfaustralia.com.au for more information.

Chat soon Guys



Outdoor Party Areas #Turfect

I was flicking through my Facebook feed, looking for funny memes again, and I came across one of the ads from Realestate.com.au.

Realestate.com.au reminded me that it is nearly outdoor party season. And that the essential part of an outdoor party is, wait for it cause this is why Realestate.com.au is a great site, is an outdoor area! Wow! Who knew.

Well here at Coastal Turf we do, with out being boastful, specialise in Outdoor Areas. We know our Couches from our Zoysias and our Buffaloes from our Sweet Smothers. We love making a great lawn area.  And we also are really really good at Parties. Our small talk is second to none, our Dad jokes rock, and more importantly we always bring a cartoon. Be it beer or cake. We will bring it. So it makes sense that our party people here at Coastal Turf can create the perfect Outdoor Party area for you.

I believe a good Summer Outdoor Party area requires two essential things. Firstly – An open area for kids to play, adults to mingle and possibly a slip and slide to be set up. This open area should have a designated food table, preferably near a BBQ, and possibly a fridge or esky. That is mostly adult dominated.

Secondly, and probably most importantly, a nice soft cushioning area for people to sit, slide, play with a ball, and quite possibly, later on in the party fall over on. This soft cushioning area should be super absorbent to suck up and of those pesky glass spills and food drops. It shouldn’t stain from theses spills either, but retain its colour. It should be pleasing to the eye. Comforting to the buttocks. It has to a be a Coastal Turf Lawn.


Your lawn is the great outdoor carpet to ensure your next Outdoor Party is a success. And by having a Coastal Turf lawn expert advise you on the best variety to install at your house, and come and create your outdoor Party area as well.

Tony and Brent are great at also creating other landscaped areas as well. To #turfect your lawn (turf perfect). Give us a call and we will get the boys over to give you a quote on site.

And if you want we can also come and help your party come along as well.


Chat soon



Which lawn would you prefer?

The weather is really dry again and peoples preparation of their lawns is really starting to show.

Its the old saying that doing more now saves your back later rings very true when it comes to your lawn.

By preparing your lawn with a good under turf soil mixed with some fantastic organics like chicken manure and mushroom compost you create a fantastic nurturing environment for your new turf to start outs it life as your lawn. Having a good Soil means that the nutrients your law will crave will be readily available straight away for the little roots to access as they venture out of of the slab and try and establish.

A wonderful soil mixture will also encourage micro-organisms and worms into your soil. These create the pathways for your new little roots to follow to establish long term. Also their “waste” products leave great food for the roots to absorb on their way through the pathways.


Choosing the correct variety for your home is super important as well. So many times people choose a “buffalo” because it is what they see on TV. But in a full hot sun all day long the Buffalo won’t necessarily preform as well as say a Couch will. A drought tolerant lawn at the moment is really important. Where has the rain gone? We had tones of rain, and now none? So having a native lawn like the Blue Couch or a Coastal Mix, who understands we get tonnes of rain and then no rain, while still holding their colour, is really advantages at the moment.

Or by having an irrigation system that slowly feeds water into your lawn small bits at a time mean that the leaves stay soft, subtle and green all year round without costing you lots of money in water bills.

Give Coastal Turf a call and we can arrange for one of our Turfmen to come out and quote on the best for your new or existing law.

Because which side of the fence would you prefer to live on? 

Chat soon


Instructional Videos

I love How to Dad on Facebook. He is so funny. And I really wish he was around when my kids were small. They may not have turned my hair so grey.

In thinking about how his instructional videos help so many fathers and make mothers laugh, Tony the Turfman and Coastal Turf have made REAL instructional videos for installation of lawns, preparation of areas, and some about ta year on our farm. we have take a snap shot of the Turfman’s day and turned it into instructional videos.


You may have already seen some of these on our Facebook pages, Coastal Turf Facebook, but now we have a youtube “channel” I guess. Have a look at these videos and see what you think. But please remember I grow lawns and make them beautiful, I’m not so awesome at the whole Youtube thing yet.

Hopefully these links work. Coastal Turf Youtube

Chat soon,

And let me know what you think.



Keep Calm, Coastal Turf will deliver your new lawn to you this Friday!

So Gold Coasters, what are you doing this weekend? Enjoying a long weekend?

This Friday is of course Gold Coast Show Holiday. And as much fun as it is to walk around the show with kids in tow spending heaps of money on food and rides that make you feel ill, Showbags, that you just HAD to have, and parking which is actually miles away from where you want to go, Why not consider finally ordering your lawn for a Friday morning delivery, and invest in your family home and their happiness.

Our farm is located in NSW. Now this means that we are unfortunately yet to find a good State of Origin football team, but we do grow a beautiful grass which could become your new lawn. And it means that we are open as usually this weekend. So we can have your new Coastal Turf lawn to your home on Friday morning.Invite your friends. Spend a fraction of the money that you would have at the show on your home.

But more importantly save your self the family torment of walking around the show. The whinging. The complaining. The vomit after a spinny ride after eating way too many dagwood dogs. (Although Dogwood dogs are AMAZING! But try and stop at one).


Instead create an amazing green space for Fun family activities. Change the outlook of your home from Brown to Gorgeous Green.

Book in now for your Friday or Saturday delivery and have a great Show Weekend!


Chat soon



How Snoring effects your lawn – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

Last year I wrote about how snoring will effect your lawn. Not your snoring, but my husbands very loud abrasive house shuddering snoring. This very loud noise is why my children can sleep through ANYTHING! Fire Alarms, Trains, City noises, LOUD MUSIC. You name it they can sleep through it. Almost peacefully. I on the other hand tend to get a slight tick on the side of my face  on day 4 with out sleep. On the farm I tend to get a little cranky by 4pm. Turf gets a bit stacked to the side after a long night. And I do get very vicious on the weeds. The boys now have  secret chocolate stack that they throw at me when they se the “I haven’t Slept” Face.

This week though I have slept beautifully.  As bad as the rest of this is going to sound, I have been well rested. Kinda.

Last week Tony was helping my Dad fence along the cattle paddock. And being the good country boy that he is, and with his lovely strong arms, he reached up to snap a branch off in the way of the to be fence. Unfortunately for him, the branch didn’t just snap off and fall to the ground, as was his amazing plan, but instead the branch snapped further back than he is expected. His arm was not quick enough to come up and protect his face. So as the branch broke, his hand which was on the further end of the branch, worked as a pivot to swing, quite hard, the end of the branch closet to the tree, (as well as his face) into his nose. Braking it quite spectacularly. There is nothing quite like excessively bleeding everywhere in extreme pain with your father-in-law and a person who you don’t really know well enough to be really hurt with.

Tony had my ute. Which being a mum means I have baby wipes in the car. Religiously! So Tony stuck nearly a whole packet of baby wipes up his nose to steam the bleeding (he didn’t think that my sanitary Girl things were useful ). And  quick call to me to say “honey, I need  some clothes and an ice pack. Possibly a beer.” My Dad was down the other end of the fence and didn’t see what happened, so just started to yell to him to hurry up with the next line. This probably didn’t aide in easing his embarrassment. When Dad arrived to Tony, my Dad who is not good at blood AT ALL, turned a trifle bit pale and had a sit down with Tony until we arrived.

Kids in tow, off I went down to the cattle farm and packed my husbands nose with clean more absorbent tissues, applied ice, gave dad a drink and then helped them to finish the fencing.

That night we settle down to bed after  few beers to “Stem the pain. Didn’t you read the article on Facebook? Everything on Facebook is true.” I am hoping that was just the pain talking and not real.  Usually after a few beers, Tony snores louder than the fright trains I lived next to at Uni. But Friday night, there was nothing! I think that the brake may have actually straightened his nose enough to stop the loudness of his snoring.

So this week, other than the occasional wake up for kids bad dreams, and Tony’s sore face needing attention, I have been able to get to sleep, even after Tony has fallen asleep before me. I have Stayed asleep. And woken up fresh and happy.

So pallets are stacked and loaded beautifully. My deliveries are completed with a smile, and I’m a bit too chatty on the phone.

Hopefully his nose heals in this position. And the snoring will stop, or at least ease off a bit.


Ahh the exciting life of a Turf Farmer. I Love It!

Chat soon


PS don’t scroll down unless you want to see the face of a smooshed Turfman. 

Some like it HOT! The blue does!

Who would have believed that we would be in a winter that means I can get my legs out into the sun? Most winters I am fully covered with several layers of warm clothes. I know. I know. We live on the Gold Coast and its always warm. Well, I believe that anything under 25 degrees is cold. Very Cold. Winter jumpers Cold.

So most winters I am very rugged up. You can imagine my joy when this morning I woke up and though “Yep its a shorts day”. My kids were stunned by the sight of my glowing white legs this morning. My Husband was surprised. My Dad laughed. But I believe none were more surprised than I that I could have my legs out in the air at this time of year. My legs went into a little bit of shock. There was no warm jeans encasing them, and the sun almost burned them when they struck them.

Like my legs, our lawns were not expecting to be exposed to warm hot air so early in the year. Most of our lawns are still trying to go through a “slumber” period and aren’t ready to be exposed to the warm, well lets face it HOT, weather. The leaves are drying out and they are turning a pale colour. Like my legs.

For your established lawns, best to get in there now and water for 5mins at a time in the morning and possibly the evening. Refresh the plants growth and cool it down. This will help to cool your home and retain that beautiful colour now. I would totally suggest a top dressing before Spring. This will help to hold the water against the roots.

For the new lawns that are being established now, what perfect timing! The soil is warm, that will encourage root growth! Faster establishment means you can send the kids out on the lawn sooner. And more peace for you. And when they come back in they will have clean feet! Beautiful!

And my pick for the best lawn to be installing at this time of year? Old Blue! It looks amazing and it doesn’t require a lot of water. 


  • Blue Couch is a very soft, deep Blue-Green, fine textured, leaf grass, that is native to the Far Northern NSW and SE Qld.
  • As a native of our area, Blue Couch understands our weather extremes, extreme heat, and extreme wet, then extreme dry. Staying greener for longer, and recovering quickly.
  • Like the name suggest, sitting on a Blue Couch lawn is like sitting on a soft comfy couch.
  • Blue couch is one of the most salt tolerant turf grasses available, and the most  drought tolerant.
  • Blue Couch requires a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight a day.

Blue Couch is the perfect lawn for those sunny areas around your home where you love to spend time without your shoes on.

For those who have established lawns, check out our turf tips page https://www.coastalturf.com.au/turf-tips/, for the wanting to create a beautiful Coastal Turf lawn, give us a call and we will send along all you need to create your amazing space.

Chat soon