Going Green to get the Gold.

Going Green this year? Planing on making less impact on the environment around you and create a better place for our children? Going to use less electricity ? Want to take deep breathes of clean fresh air even single morning?


Then putting a beautiful Green lawn around your home is the next best step for you to Go Green!


Is the Heat island effecting your home?

Ever heard of the heat island effect? This is where unnatural products, like pavers or concrete, which butt up against your home, create a huge amount of heat, which is then transferred into your home. Meaning you have to turn on more fans, more air-conditioning. Using more electricity. Creating more carbon into the air.

But by having the natural products, like a turfed Lawn, up against your home, the grass absorbs the heat, and cools your home. Meaning less electricity costs to your pocket, and a huge benefit to your Go Green Plan!


A breath of Fresh Air

Do all the traffic past your home create a bad taste in your mouth, and a burn in your nose? All the carbon that is injected into our air making it hard for you to want to take a bog relaxing breathe?

Well a green lush lawn will absorb carbon and store it underground. And in the morning, your lawn will provide you beautiful fresh air to enrich your lungs. Going Green means your life is enriched.


Going Green for Gold

So how does Going Green get you Gold? Well, firstly it puts so much more money back in your pocket than paying for your electricity.

And your home will increase in price, usually $70,000 extra for a home with a well kept lawn. And thats a lot of Gold for your green.


It looks nice too and feels great to know all that your doing to help- everyone.

Palmetto Buffalo Turning Green into your Gold.

International Womens Day

I heard on the radio this week that International Womens Day this year was all about a call to action for Women to join the Sciences. But I say, Women join the Horticultural sector. Its way more fun!


You get to play outside, in the mud, and sun an cool air. You get to get your hands dirty. You get to have a work out without going to the gym. And mud is great for your skin.

And if you really enjoy the sun, being outside, as well as having a little bit of Horticultural Science behind you then Women, come over to the turf industry!

But if you just want to dabble in the Turf Industry, then install your own lawn. Forget the Gym for a week! Eat whatever you want! And get the muscles anyway!

Spreading your soil across your new lawn will mean your arms and legs and gloots will look amazing. You can skip leg and butt day at the gym! And I feel you have earned that glass of white. Take the time to appreciate your work. Take a couple of dirty selfies (dirty as in messy, not the other kind. PLEASE only the messy kind).

Get your new Coastal Turf lawn delivered. Look at the brown soil, and smile knowing you will never see it again. The beautiful green lush turf will replace it very soon. Why not call in your Gal Pals and together lay your new green lawn carpet. Its always more fun to chat and giggle while you lay your turf. So the satisfaction you will get from creating your own beautiful lawn will far surpass any gym work out you do. And in most cases its a hell of a lot cheaper than a Gym membership as well.

And after you lay turf people encourage you to enjoy your victory with a BBQ and a refreshment. At the gym, they don’t. We want  you to celebrate how awesome you are at exercising and creating beautiful spaces.

Go Women in Grass! Have fun in the mud and create a beautiful home! Isn’t that what we are all good at? Being just, you know, amazing.


Earthing! And how to do it through your lawn.

I truely believe that although your family is a really important part of all of our lives, having a great solid group of female and male friends is super important. And having that group be diversified beings results in fun, giggles, laughter and love.

I am usually the boring one in our friend group. My friends are all really interesting people., with what always seems to me to be really exciting interesting lives.  They tell me I have an interesting life, but all I really know about at the end of the day is making sure my kids are still alive and happy, my husband is feed and reasonably happy (depending upon how much he annoys me) and lawn grass. Thats not that exciting. Well in saying the it can be when I have to navigate the lives of a Tweenager, teenager and a big 10 year old.

But I do have friends who are super amazing and fun. And they are the perfect people to talk to so I can get away from  the daily stresses of being a Mum, Wife and Owning your own business. And always great to sit down with to have a chat, and possibly a glass of wine. The kids can frolic up and down the street, on the lawn or just not in our general vicinity. We all have “big” kids now. Which is great. So much less stressful and enjoyable. Give them a ball, a bike, a scooter, and some food, and they all play together with little interference from the “Grown-Ups”. 

In one of  our recent debriefs of our lives, one of my magic friends found this article about Earthing. From what I understood Earthing says how important it was to all of us to walk bare foot on the natural products, like soil and grass, to earth our body, relieve stress and in general get in sync with our surroundings. All of us work in shoes. Me in boots, several of my friends in high heels, and some in flat, need to be comfortable work shoes. We all walk and work hard. Easily getting in our 10,000 steps per day. And we quite often become out of sync with our surroundings. Or thats what we decided anyway.

So after our 3rd, possibly 5th glass of wine, we decided that firstly, that our husbands can all come and pick us up and take us home. Secondly and most prevalent, we decided we should all earth ourselves. So we took off our shoes, and walked outside onto my friends beautiful lawn. Which quite fortunately for all of us, was installed by Tony the Turfman, supplied by Coastal Turf. So the beautiful Blue couch lawn was soft, and comforting and inviting for our bare sore feet. And it turns out – very Earthing! We synced ourselves to the natural earth around us. We could all feel the stress leave our bodies, and become more aware of what was around us. Our breathing slowed and our conversation flowed.

It was also much cooler outside on the lawn in the shade, than inside my friends house as well. So we all sat down, chiefly to ensure we could totally sync ourselves to the earth, and also because it was a beautiful place to sit and watch the kids.

Cheese and wine on the lawn was a perfect Friday afternoon combination to ensure we had earthed ourselves, and mentally re-invigorated ourselves on the lawn. So I can vouch that Earthing does work. We all felt better after our earthing, and time on the lawn.

So get in contact with us to get a Earthing area for you and your friends (and family too if you think they need earthing) to enjoy and then refresh for the week.

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Upcycle your lawn.

At the moment there is this real trend in gardens and in our homes to make everything look old, but at the same time new. I guess kinda recycling or maybe upcycling.

Like when people take pallets and make them into chairs. And then other people like the look of the pallet chairs, but not the splinter asbestos feel of the pallets. So they make a chair out of wood store bought wood and then die it and stain it and beat it to make it look old. Or get the wrap around plastics  to make it look old. So people want there areas to look like they have always used them, but want it to be comfortable and flashy at the same time.

And maybe that’s what instant lawn or turf is. Trying to make your yard look like it has always had beautiful lush lawn. And I guess that unlike having to go to all the trouble of a pallet not pallet chair, installing a new lawn is a lot easier. And I think way prettier and more functional. You can do so much more on your lawn than on a chair. In fact everything you can do on the chair you can do on the lawn. And way more. And probably a lot more comfortably. so head over to our varieties page and see which one would be best at your place.

And I know that your lush new/old lawn will get so many more compliments from friends and strangers than a chair. Unless you put the chair on your lawn and they compliment the way your lawn makes your chair look.


Make your front Yard the best in the street.

More and more our houses are getting bigger and our yards smaller. When we walk along the street our eyes are drawn to the front yards of all the houses. And its not just the new age white houses that catches our eyes. Its the Gorgeous green that we are drawn to. Most people will judge a house in 20 seconds. And in that 20 seconds a large portion of the time is looking at the green.

Green is one of the colours that make pour natural instincts feel good. We are comforted by green. Green, to our primal brains, says prosperity. That the land around us is in good health. Which means we will eat good food, breathe good air. So Green is comforting and it makes us happy. So by having a green lush healthy front yard your re telling everyone around you that you are doing well. You are happy and healthy.

And in our houses, that are close together and quite often that are looking really similar, a beautiful front yard can make a big difference. A difference in price value of your home, as well as a difference in how jealous you can make your neighbours. And with so many pole about to come to our area, why not make the whole world jealous about how beautiful our front yards can be.

Beautiful Front yards

Now here at Coastal Turf we know a few things about making your lawn look amazing. We raise our paddocks from mere shoots to be a thick strong healthy turf paddock. We nurture our sprouts with the best fertiliser and water. We trim and tritter the blades to perfection. And from there we harvest our slabs to deliver a beautiful lawn.

But what about the rest of your front yard? Yes the lawn looks amazing, but what about the rest? Thats why Coastal Turf has teamed up with some of the best Turf installers and Landscapers on the Coast to deliver beautiful yards to you. Like a beautiful feature plant in the middle of your Perfect Palmetto. I know I will be jealous of this front yard when I walk past.

Go from oh to WOOOOO! in your front yard.

So get in contact with us and we can get the best in the business to touch base with you to create a jaw dropping front yard with a stunning lawn.

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Stress less, get a beautiful green lawn.

Again I have been a boring person and I have been flicking through the information from all over the world about the benefits of natural lawns. But I think my kids are happier about me using my spare time to do this rather than forcing them to clean their rooms Or worse yet , according to my boys, making them try on school clothes to see what fits.

I stumbled across a Californian Research that proved people who live and work in areas with a view of lawns recovered from stress more quickly. I said this to my family, who looked at me with a  funny smile. My Husband calls me a bit of a OCD person. That everything has to be just so, and that I like things to be organised. It probably comes from always having to be organised for our Autistic son. But our family thinks I’m a stressed. So when I said tp them that green lush lawns creates ease in people, my youngest son (who happens to have a little bit of a smart arse mouth) said to me ” Wow. Imagine how stressed you would be if you didn’t have the green grass at the farm to look at.” I think he was being sarcastic. But he may be right.

I know with my kids when they have a green area to run around on they preform better at school, and they are just generally nicer people. I believe this is why Australian schools have large natural green grass areas. the green spaces help the kids to think more clearly and cope with stress. I’m sure part of it is the mental side, where you see green and feel happy, and a large part is because it is an area where the kids can run, jump, play kick, tackle, and get out all the nervous energy. This then allows (my kids at least) the ability to sit slightly til in the classroom and listen.

In many cases too the ability to go out and nurture your green space can make you feel better. i know from experience that seeing your lawn go from all seed heads and long and straggly to the beautiful fresh mown look and smell is a wonderful experience. The smell is great. That fresh mowed lawn feeling is one that brings happiness. And if your my husband, our fresh mowing lawn is then accompanied by a freshly opened beer. Which is a lovely therapy in its own.

So for your kids and your partner’s health, its really important to have a beautiful lawn at your place. And really, if the rest of your family is happy, its makes your life so much less stressful! Happy Life. A green lush healthy lawn makes a Happy Healthy you!


And to take a large chuck of your stress out of your life, or just to have a beautiful lawn at your place to sit on, next to, let the kids play on and admire, Get your lawn from Coastal Turf with our recommendation to get the right lawn variety at your place. Then get either the Turfman or Brent from Gold Coast Landscaping to install your lawn and possibly an irrigation system. And they can take all the stress out by coming back and maintaining your lawn for you. So the Green is there forever.

Get in contact with us now to arrange a stress-less new lawn

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A Healthy lawn is a Healthy you.

My kids call me boring. I call it dedication. Because at night I go through websites on my iPad and look at Lawns. I look at what other exciting new developments are occurring on our field. Be it new varieties, or new research  into disease and pest management or, the research into the benefits of lawns and turf.

This week I came across a great little website in America called Lawn and Landscape. which was really fun. It had great pictures and also had some great research. I really enjoyed it. The best part I came across was there list to give customers about the benefits of a good lawn. It seems America does a lot of research into why their lawns are so good. I found a few other exciting ones, but my kids made me get off the net because I was slowing down Netflix. Hahaha. The joke was on them. It was not because I was online that there was a slow download, it was because I had changed the password. But I had to fane confusion and concern when they said it wasn’t working. Then I made them play soccer with me on the lawn, which I managed to loose. Next time we play something I can win at.


Anyway, back to grass. So from my couple of weeks of having all the internet for myself (I will tell them the code when school goes back cause I know they need it for homework) I have quantified most of what we instinctively already knew where the benefits of having a lovely lawn. This week I am going to concentrate on the environmental benefits.


We all know from Primary school that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. But did you know that your lawn is super amazing at it. Your average sized healthy lawn will make enough oxygen for a family of four.

And your healthy green happy lawn will also store as much as 136kg of Carbon per year.

So when you are driving to the shop to buy a nice cool beverage to sit down on your lovely lawn, take a big deep breath in knowing you are helping man kind.

Your lawn is also trapping dust and dirt that can fly up into the atmosphere. Your lawn and turf grass areas also prevent erosion control and stops a lot on pollution problems in our water ways. Your green healthy lawn is helping our planet.

At this time of year I bet you have your air- conditioning going. In Summer, a healthy green lawn will be “…at least 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than bare soil.”(Credit Lawn and Landscape. ) So this means if the outside of your home is cooler, you don’t have to work you air-condition so hard to cool down your home. Having a nice green grass butted up against your home will keep you cool, and it seems calmer.


So you can look at your lawn this week as major contributor to society. It is cleaner our air, and providing you with a a cooler home. It is stopping bad things getting in our waterways, and storing all the carbon it can. All just for you.

Thats why it is important to install the right turf in your yard. This will keep it healthy happy and green, and this intern will keep you healthy happy and green.

Chat with us about the best lawn for your place to start your healthier life. 

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Palmetto Buffalo – your new Lawn

Only have a small yard? Don”t get a lot of light? But still really want the green soft area to look at and walk on with your bare feet?

Then I have the right grass for your yard! Palmetto Buffalo!

Small Yard?

Just because you only have a small are, does not mean you should miss out on having the Aussie dream of a grass area to love. Being a small area, you won’t really want to be out there mowing and watering all the time. The Palmetto buffalo requires a third of the mowing and watering of any other buffalo!

Low Light?

And just because you have neighbours who shade your yard from the harsh heat of the sun, or tress that give you all the privacy that you need, does not mean you have to miss our on the outside carpet! The Palmetto buffalo only needs 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. And that doesn’t have to be all at once. You can have bit on the morning, and a bit in the afternoon.

Want a lush fluffy lawn to walk on?

Of course you do! Why else do you install turf? Because you want the soft cushion of thick leaves underfoot, comforting your feet as you do boring things like hand out the washing, or exciting things like kicking the ball around.Palmetto Buffalo has a thick lush leaf that grows tight knot creating a beautiful green carpet for you and your family to enjoy. And because of the thick lush leaves, you are less likely to get air born weeds like bindis in your lawn.

Want proof that Palmetto Buffalo is perfect for you?

Then check out this video that Tony the Turfman created to show how to make a small yard beautiful with Palmetto buffalo



Contact us Now t get this happening at your place


Lawn Grubs :O!!!

Lions! And Tigers! And Bears! And even worse; Lawn Grubs!!!! Oh My!

There are some of us who believe that Lawn grubs are just as scary as Lions, Tigers, and Bears. And in Australia, I do believe that there is more risk of be being attacked (alright. Probably more than likely the word should be Effected.)  by Lawn Grubs. So maybe they are scarier!!!!

Ahhhh! Lawns grubs crawling through the depths of your lawn. Using their lots of creepy legs to shuffle their way through the stems and leaves, while they feast upon your well look after green lush outside carpet! How dare they! The thought of yucky little caterpillar looking evil things crawling around makes my skin crawl! I don’t know about you, but the thought of them in my lawn make me shudder. Yuck!

Are you getting dead patches in your lawn at the moment? Are you seeing brown tips forming on your lawn, and you have been looking after it really well so their is no reason for it to happen? You could have ….. (pause for dramatic effect please) LAWN GRUBS! Oh My!

This is what the nasty little blighters look like as they hatch out of their eggs and come down into your lawn.


If you have seen this happen at your place, or have seen the signs, get in contact with us and we will put you in contact with someone to elevate the problem. We know the relevant professions to make sure it goes away now! And save you in the future!


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Creating the Green and Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games!

Get Ready Gold Coast! The Commonwealth Games are coming and everyone will be coming to play in our backyard. So lets make our Backyard the Greenest and most beautiful anyone who has gone to a Commonwealth Games has ever seen.

Like all the athletes getting ready for the Commonwealth games, trying and getting Fit, lets all get our lawns into premium shape before the games. Lets show the rest of the Commonwealth how Green we are. Lets get ready to Preform! With so many people coming into town, with them renting our homes with Air BNB, or just driving past , looking at our homes, lets show them how wonderful our Gold Coast is.

The Green and Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Whether you feel you want a whole new lawn installed, or you feel that your lawn just needs a little tender loving care to create a beautiful showcase for your home, Coastal Turf can help you to achieve a beautiful green showcase for your home. Lets make the Gold Coast, the Green and Gold Coast. Whats more Aussie than Green and Gold!!!

Lets show how the GC (No lets call it now the GCC- Green and Gold Coast) is not a slave to the concrete jungle. We are a Lean, Mean and Green! We are strong and cool because our Green areas create cooling fir our homes, and fresh beautiful clean air for us to breathe. And it stimulates our happiness receptors on our brain because our GGC is so visually stimulating that all will be jealous of the beauty we will in.

From our Golden Beaches through to our Green parklands and more importantly our Gorgeous Green home lawns, the Green Gold Coast is so Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Contact us now to find out how we can help create the Green Gold Coast in your home. 

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