Palmetto Buffalo – your new Lawn

Only have a small yard? Don”t get a lot of light? But still really want the green soft area to look at and walk on with your bare feet?

Then I have the right grass for your yard! Palmetto Buffalo!

Small Yard?

Just because you only have a small are, does not mean you should miss out on having the Aussie dream of a grass area to love. Being a small area, you won’t really want to be out there mowing and watering all the time. The Palmetto buffalo requires a third of the mowing and watering of any other buffalo!

Low Light?

And just because you have neighbours who shade your yard from the harsh heat of the sun, or tress that give you all the privacy that you need, does not mean you have to miss our on the outside carpet! The Palmetto buffalo only needs 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. And that doesn’t have to be all at once. You can have bit on the morning, and a bit in the afternoon.

Want a lush fluffy lawn to walk on?

Of course you do! Why else do you install turf? Because you want the soft cushion of thick leaves underfoot, comforting your feet as you do boring things like hand out the washing, or exciting things like kicking the ball around.Palmetto Buffalo has a thick lush leaf that grows tight knot creating a beautiful green carpet for you and your family to enjoy. And because of the thick lush leaves, you are less likely to get air born weeds like bindis in your lawn.

Want proof that Palmetto Buffalo is perfect for you?

Then check out this video that Tony the Turfman created to show how to make a small yard beautiful with Palmetto buffalo

Contact us Now t get this happening at your place


Lawn Grubs :O!!!

Lions! And Tigers! And Bears! And even worse; Lawn Grubs!!!! Oh My!

There are some of us who believe that Lawn grubs are just as scary as Lions, Tigers, and Bears. And in Australia, I do believe that there is more risk of be being attacked (alright. Probably more than likely the word should be Effected.)  by Lawn Grubs. So maybe they are scarier!!!!

Ahhhh! Lawns grubs crawling through the depths of your lawn. Using their lots of creepy legs to shuffle their way through the stems and leaves, while they feast upon your well look after green lush outside carpet! How dare they! The thought of yucky little caterpillar looking evil things crawling around makes my skin crawl! I don’t know about you, but the thought of them in my lawn make me shudder. Yuck!

Are you getting dead patches in your lawn at the moment? Are you seeing brown tips forming on your lawn, and you have been looking after it really well so their is no reason for it to happen? You could have ….. (pause for dramatic effect please) LAWN GRUBS! Oh My!

This is what the nasty little blighters look like as they hatch out of their eggs and come down into your lawn.

If you have seen this happen at your place, or have seen the signs, get in contact with us and we will put you in contact with someone to elevate the problem. We know the relevant professions to make sure it goes away now! And save you in the future!


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Creating the Green and Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games!

Get Ready Gold Coast! The Commonwealth Games are coming and everyone will be coming to play in our backyard. So lets make our Backyard the Greenest and most beautiful anyone who has gone to a Commonwealth Games has ever seen.

Like all the athletes getting ready for the Commonwealth games, trying and getting Fit, lets all get our lawns into premium shape before the games. Lets show the rest of the Commonwealth how Green we are. Lets get ready to Preform! With so many people coming into town, with them renting our homes with Air BNB, or just driving past , looking at our homes, lets show them how wonderful our Gold Coast is.

The Green and Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Whether you feel you want a whole new lawn installed, or you feel that your lawn just needs a little tender loving care to create a beautiful showcase for your home, Coastal Turf can help you to achieve a beautiful green showcase for your home. Lets make the Gold Coast, the Green and Gold Coast. Whats more Aussie than Green and Gold!!!

Lets show how the GC (No lets call it now the GCC- Green and Gold Coast) is not a slave to the concrete jungle. We are a Lean, Mean and Green! We are strong and cool because our Green areas create cooling fir our homes, and fresh beautiful clean air for us to breathe. And it stimulates our happiness receptors on our brain because our GGC is so visually stimulating that all will be jealous of the beauty we will in.

From our Golden Beaches through to our Green parklands and more importantly our Gorgeous Green home lawns, the Green Gold Coast is so Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!

Contact us now to find out how we can help create the Green Gold Coast in your home. 

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Christmas Cheer helps to create beautiful lawns.

We are BACK! And ready and rearing to go! After a weekend of lots of Wine and Beer and even more food than I think we could really handle, we are back on the farm making sure that we can provide you with the best lawn for your yard.

Holiday Drinks!

The paddocks have had a lovely drink as well, with beautiful rain gracing our paddocks over the break. This has really  brought out the Blue couches natural glow. Both the A grade Blue couch and the Coastal Mix are now sparkling in the sun.

Holiday Food!

The Paddocks have also had a HUGE feed. Like my delicious meals of excessive eating over the past week, the paddocks have received large doses of Organic Boosts like Chicken manure and our secret fertiliser combination. And unlike the growth of my stomach over the Holiday season, the growth on the farm is welcome and celebrated. The growth of my stomach is commentated on by my children in the “not so bikini body” type way. Yet they are happy and excited by how much the couch and Palmetto has grown. Hmm go figure.

The boys are working off their Christmas Cheer (because it is obviously only me who got a tummy. They got Cheer.) to ensure that the grass looks and feels amazing. So after the Boys have all done the hard work to create a beautiful turf grass to become your new lawn, you can sit back and relax, eat and drink some more on your new lawn, and Relax.


Start the New Year with a beautiful New Lawn. Give us a call now to arrange your delivery, or have one of the Boys install your new lawn all for you.  0266763695

Coastal Turf Opening hours

Coastal Turf is now fully booked for pick ups and deliveries before Christmas.

We have limited deliveries and pick up positions available for the 28th and 29th December.

We would like to thank all our customers from this year

We look forward to talking to about your turfing needs this year and into the next.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Sarah and all the Coastal Turf Team.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours

Coastal Turf would like to wish your family a Merry safe Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Coastal turf is now fully booked out until Christmas.

We will be open on the 27th, 28th and 29th December from 8am to 12pm for pick ups and deliveries.

And then reopen to our normal trading hours from the 2nd January.

We look forward to another fantastic year greening peoples lives.

A New Lawn for Christmas

Its only 2 weeks from Christmas. And these are usually the 2 biggest weeks of the year. For everyone!

For most of us, its these last two weeks before Christmas that sooo much gets done. Somehow we all manage to do about 4 weeks worth of work within a very short time. We all seem to cram in School concerts, End of year Plays, End of year presentations for sports and groups, Lots and Lots of Christmas parties, as well as quick and sometimes long, friend catch ups before Christmas. Not to mention Christmas present shopping, present wrapping, teachers gifts, and then Food shopping.

And for some people who are lucky enough to have their new homes finished just in time to move for Christmas , I cannot imagine how much you are going to cram into theses coming weeks! Moving is usually a very emotional stressful situation as it is, let alone adding in a little Christmas fun as well.  Or maybe just the present of a brand new home is a Christmas present in its self. Hopefully there is a bow involved somewhere.

When can I get my new Coastal Turf Lawn delivered? 

Maybe the next step as a present for new home owners is a new Lawn. Several years ago at Christmas, well actually about 17 years ago, before I had my kids, a lovely lady persuaded our family to deliver turf to her son on Christmas morning. She said he will love it as a Christmas present. So Christmas morning, Dad, my Brother and I left Mum at home to cook up a delicious lunch, and went to hand deliver 250sqm of Blue Couch into Kingscliff.

I must admit the three of us were a little nervous about dropping off on Christmas morning a lot of turf that HAD to be laid that day to a family that may have been getting their new lawn as surprise Christmas present.  What if we turned up and they are all sitting around inter PJ’s around the tree? Much to our relief, the Mother was staying with her son for Christmas and had already given her son a card with a blade of grass enclosed to show him what was coming. So when we arrived, He was actually really happy to see us (and they were all dressed, phew!) and he and his family put down their new lawn Christmas morning.

This year, however, I do have my 3 kids at home, and although they are not little, they are still young enough to bring the Joy of Christmas into our home. So we will not be offering Christmas morning deliveries. We will be making deliveries right up to the 23rd December so you can have your lawn all ready for your guests arrive for Christmas. Or if there are coming early, they can help instal your new lawn.

We ask you give us 3-4 days notice for all pick ups and deliveries.This way we can all be organised and have the turf to your place the day you want to install it.


But everyone is coming to our home for Christmas? When do I have to have it installed to be able to run around on it Christmas Day? 

If like us, and your Joyful Christmas is full of lots of outside running around, with games like backyard Cricket, and the all important annual water gun fight, getting your lawn installed this week is optimal!

By giving your new lawn a couple of weeks to get its roots down and get a real good hold of the soil; when it comes to Christmas Day shenanigans your lawn will be ready to go. You will be able to run, tumble, fall, sit, play and spill food and drinks upon your lawn and generally have a Jolly good time without too much harm coming to your beautiful green investment.

We recommend that turf have at least 10-15 days of establishment time before you have parties on it, or run the mower across it. So this week will be the best time to put in your new lawn. But which one to choose?

A beautiful soft Wintergreen couch lawn.

  • Wintergreen Couch is a fine leafed super soft couch lawn.
  • Although Wintergreen is soft and comforting to bare feet, the Wintergreen is tough and robust enough to withstand football teams pounding the turf all day and stay green and soft.
  • Wintergreen couch is perfect for areas blasted with hot sun all day, requiring at least 8 hours of direct sunlight per day
  • The perfect lawn for little kids to fall down on and be comforted by the soft fluffy lawn.
  • Favoured by Councils and developers as their Go-To turf due to its durability, and unique ability to revive with little watering.
  • Wintergreen is a perfect family lawn. A great durable lawn for kids and dogs.
  • Wintergreen is a great utility Lawn – easy to maintain, great dark green colour, easy to install
  • And best of all, as well as being good looking, Wintergreen couch is the most cost effective lawn to install.

Or a tough robust Palmetto lawn

  • Palmetto Buffalo is a thick leafed buffalo with a tendency to grow out rather than up, reducing mowing. In fact, a Palmetto buffalo lawn requires a third of the mowing of any other buffalo lawn.
  • Palmetto Buffalo has excellent shade tolerance, requiring only a minimum of 3 hours of sunlight a day.
  • Palmetto Buffalo holds its green colour all year, even during winter.
  • Palmetto Buffalo is a drought tolerant turf grass, requiring a third of the watering of any other buffalo lawn.
  • Palmetto buffalo lawns are thick and lush making your palmetto lawn weed resistant all year round.
  • Palmetto buffalo has a high salt tolerance, making it perfect for coastal regions.


So contact us now so we can arrange to have your beautiful new lawn delivered, either as a present to yourself or another family member, in time for Christmas!


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Pal-metto; Your Mate in your lawn

I’m sure at your job you all have slang or pet names for what you do and what you sell.

At Coastal Turf we are no different. Some of them are really silly, and some are little bit clever and some have no real relevance unless you are in the know.

Like Pal. This is our nick name for Palmetto Buffalo. I mean it is a bit obvious. Pal; Just the beginning of the name. Yes, it is a little bit lazy. But its a very Aussie thing to do.

Pal- metto – Your Mate in your lawn.

Palmetto does not have just one nick name. Oh No! As one of our favourites it has several.

Like my kids  call Pal – the Mate grass. They were watching an American TV show and heard someone call someone else a “Pal”. And being farm kids they have heard and been with us when we have been harvesting the Pal. My daughter, who is very straight forward in her thinking, wanted to know why Americans called each other a grass type. I had to explain that a Pal in America is like a Friend, what we would call a Mate. So now the Kids, anytime we have to harvest Palmetto Buffalo, say we are going out to harvest our Old Mate. And as you can guess, this name really stuck. It does get some giggles and smiles from the farm guys, and some strange looks from friends and family when they are visiting.

But I think that the Old Mate grass is a pretty good description. The Palmetto lawn is a really good “Friend” as a lawn.

It isn’t demanding. Your friend will not wan to be pampered and fussed over to stay looking beautiful and green. No fussing with mowing and intense summer watering. Oh no. Being a good friend, your Pal will give you your space. But still always be there when you need it.

Your Pal will love to share a glass of wine, and if you spill it on the lawn, your Pal will clean it all up faster than you can say Opps!

Like a true Pal, your Palmetto lawn will tell others how awesome you are. By saying “Look at my amazing lawn. Look at the green lush grass.” And of course make your neighbours jealous of how awesome you are, and how great a Pal you have.

And like a true friend, your Pal will take the kids and look after them while you get a quick Games of Thrones episode knocked off during the holidays. Pal loves to have kids running around on it. Loves to have kids crawl all over it. Loves to comfort bodies when they fall upon it.

So, get a Good Pal, an Old Mate at your place. Put in a Pal -metto lawn before Christmas and know you are getting a good friend on your lawn.

Chat soon


Do you sell to the public? Yes of course!

This week when I have been answering the phone i have been asked a lot “Do you sell to the public?”

At Coastal Turf we create beautiful lawns straight from our family to yours.

Dad Grows The Turf For Gold Coast & Beyond

My father grows the grass, on our family farm. Where our families live. My kids play on the paddocks. Their friends think they have the biggest back yard in the world. After my kids have proof tested your new lawn, and my Dad  has grown and mown the grass to perfection, we put on our website that this breed of grass is ready to become your new lawn.

While my kids are proof testing the your new lawn, I am chatting to you on the phone about the best choice of lawn for your home. The girls and I in the office talk to you about how much sunlight your lawn will receive, if you have kids and dogs, and if the area will be mainly used for play, or show? This is how our family can match the best lawn variety to fit your family. Then we arrange the best time to get it to your place, we recommend you receive your new lawn the day you want to install it.

Dad and the boys then harvest your new lawn, and load the turf onto our trucks. The truck comes to your place and the boys use our skid steer loader to take the turf from the truck  to your new yard. With there magic skid steer skills, the boys move the turf as close as possible to where the turf is to become your new lawn. We then slide the turf off the pallets and take the pallets home with us. And I can even arrange for my husband to come over to your place and install the lawn for you.

Tony can come over and prepare the area for you. Clean out any old vegetation, put in beautiful new soil, shape the area to suit your conditions, and then lay your brand new beautiful lawn. All while you can either sit back and relax, or go to work with no lawn, and return to beauty.

Our family loves lawns. We love relaxing on lawns, playing on lawns and and growing the best lawns. We know how much of a difference to your life a good lawn can make.

A good lawn makes you smile. Its makes you active, everyone wants to go outside. Ever notice that the grass near the path is always the first to wear out? Its because its a natural instinct to walk on fresh soft lawn.  A good lawn can even make you money. A green well presented lawn can add on at least $70,000 to the value of your home according to LJ Hooker research.

And its our natural instinct at Coastal Turf, to create  beautiful lawns for your home.

So, Yes I guess we do sell to the public.  But what we really do is start something wonderful in our family, and pass it on to yours.

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Turf Gold Coast Experts

From our family farm to your lawn.

Family tested lawns – from our Family to yours

This week I was asked by a lovely gentleman to text through some pictures. Now, sounds a little suspicious doesn’t it? But, although the photos were specifically with no clothes, they were not of me. The gentleman was asking for up close pictures of my Buffalo lawn at home.

Although people see lawns from up high when they walk past peoples homes, or quickly drive past, not many people feel comfortable lying down and closely inspecting someones lawn. Especially if you do not know them. I mean it would be a bit weird to be walking past your lounge room window, look out usually and see someone lying on your lawn, inspecting close up the leaf size and texture of our lawn. Although it is a nice compliment that your lawn is gorgeous, it is more than likely to make you  feel, at least, uncomfortable.

So instead I now offer a service of texting up close pictures of the different lawns. Quite often they are from my own home. Our house has all our varieties in different conditions which allows us to run them all through the FamilyTest.

So what is the Family Test?

The Family Test has Four components.

  • The turf  it is put into a “normal”  home environment (well to that our Family is “Normal”. More crazy, weird, extreme, silly, funny, happy, loud. Yet not really Normal. But its I got. And I love them all)
  • Parents who are busy working, and running around after kids,
  • Kids that use the yard for Football, Cricket, running, Bike riding, Trampolining , Cubby Houses, and the list goes on, with little regard to the health of the lawn,
  • Dogs, Cats, Bird, Guinea Pig and Rabbit tested (yep. All we don’t have is fish. I had to put my foot down somewhere.) Like the kids, they have little regard for the health and well being of the lawn, other than to sun themselves on, and in the case if the Guinea Pig and Rabbit they self fertilise so they ensure the lawn is good for them to eat.

This means we don’t look after our lawn like a Greenkeepers. We look after it like People who do other things. Like you! Our farm is beautiful. It gets all the love and care and mollycoddling it can handle. So when it goes to become your lawn, it looks stunning. The best in the street. But it also has to be tough enough to realise that when it leaves the farm, it is going to have to survive on its own. Some go to people who will continue the mollycoddling, others like us will have busy lives and treat it like lawn.

So I know that the Palmetto buffalo will take the wear and tear of kids, bikes, cars, trampolines, tents, and surprisingly, a random calf that my son brought home.  Blue couch is perfect under your clothes line to comfort tired feet after a long day, but you still have a lot of house work to do. Green couch is the best to fall on when you are playing backyard Football (this I have person experience with. Turns out my 9 year old is really quite good at tackling.)  Empire Zoysia is great for around an outdoor shower.  And Coastal mix is great around Dog kennels.

I know which one needs more mowing, which ones need more watering, and which ones when you don’t have time to do anything outside you home for a couple of weeks because your working so hard, and then taking the kids to whatever the next adventure for them is – the one that thrives on neglect.

I am more than happy to text you pictures of our Family Tested lawns.

Here is our Palmetto up close and personal. And of course Naked.   

Chat soon